Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My New Project -H4H-

Now this post will be used mainly as a reference post for my newest project, Healz4Hire [-H4H-].

So here's the basic idea and how I came up with it. We all know how hard to find Logi pilots are. Those that do exist get snatched up by the first corp to realize they are logi and hidden away like secret weapons. We all know its true. Don't deny it.

So what if all of these logi pilots could be located and contacted in a centralized location when we (those that don't personally hoard a logi pilot in our midst) may have need to call upon them for help? That is the purpose of -H4H-.

Why become affiliated with -H4H-?
-H4H- provides an opportuniy for Logi pilots to get their names out into the public eye if they are looking for a new home. Affiliated pilots will have access to contracts that I recieve on behalf of -H4H- for other people's logi needs.

How do you calculate contract amounts?
I have set up a spreadsheet that calculates all of that for me. Variables include: Requested Ship size, Location requested, and travel time to location.

What if the client requesting logi support decides to blow up my ship or if I lose my ship during the contract?
Contract payments are made upfront before the logi pilot is even sent out. Also the first variable in the contract calculator (Requested Ship Size) is approximately equal to the Jita price of the hull itself. This way the logi pilot can replace their ship if neccessary. Clients who do partake in destructive behavior towards a hired logi pilot will be Black Listed from receiving services through -H4H- until a repayment of triple the cost of the ship lost is made to -H4H-.

So, what's the catch? What do you get out of all of this?
Currently it is set up that any contract made through -H4H- is subject to a 10% fee to keep the corp on its feet. This pool of ISK is also kept so that in the case that the contract payment does not cover the loss of the ship -H4H- can assist in replacing the ship itself.

How do I become an -H4H- affiliated pilot?
Send a message in game to the toon Operative Sidney Reilly (Verify that is is the CEO of the corporation Healz 4 Hire [-H4H-] before contacting). Include in your mail 1) What logi ships you can fly 2) What specific types of logi capabilities you have and 3) What restrictions you may have for contracts you are willing to accept. You may also join the in-game chat channel Healz4Hire to see if I am online and wish to speak with me directly.

So there you have it, Healz 4 Hire in all its glory. If you have any further questions or would like more information to be posted on this post please let me know and I will update accordingly.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

CSM: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

So with CSM season poking its head around and waving around the advertisements and ads and such that will soon to be shoved down our throats I realized something. My feelings about CSM.

The Good. The idead is amazing. Haveing a group body of players who work back and forth with CCP to get our wants and needs in this galactic world brought to reality is epic as shit.

The Bad. No one knows about it. Honestly. You all reading this might stop and raise your eyebrow at me but I'm serious. I didnt know about CSM until I started blogging. A lot of people I've talked to in game also have no clue what who or why a CSM is.

The Ugly. I took a little bit of time to see if I could find out who is even running this year. My results? Not a lot... Im going to be tracking down who each of the candidates areand see what they are posing as their ideals and why they should be in CSM and such the next few days. SO Ill try and get a post for each of them if I can.

Fly Dangerous

~The Cyanide Pirate

Monday, February 11, 2013


SO I found out Goons and TEST reset each other recently... I found out by getting alpha'd by a nado undocking from my mission hub in Delve. So thats the 6th hound in the last week... I really need to stop losing hounds. Granted its not like half a year ago when I went through Cruors like they were rice krispy snacks, but still. Ive been losing way too many ships. THEN I read the article on themittani about it. So yea... missions might have to wait a bit. So faction warfare it is!

You know only doing FW on the weekends makes me chuckle. Its like I'm joining the reserves in the military. WEEKEND WARRIOR!!! I think Ima have my title made that just to prove the point. Anyway, I just want yall to know ive ben going back andforeth with a fiction post for a few weeks, never really getting anywhere, but if I do ever get it done, Ill be sure to post it for you. I miss writing stories... Need to get the drive back for it.

Fly Dangerous~

The Cyanide Pirate

Well... Popularity for doing nothing!

So.. High-Sec Piracy hit 1000 views this weekend... Im actually very surprised. I didnt expect to really get any real viewers for this, lol. Considewring how its really just a collection of oddthoughts and happenings while I wander my way through the game of EVE trying to find a place I fit in properly. Ive gotten a couple visits to the in-game chat channel. SO thank you guys for stopping by and saying hello!

Honestly though yesterday I hit a rut.. One of those times where The mundane lifesty;le I life in EVE doesn't really appeal to me as much anymore. Yea I get to go bomb the things on the weekends with BB, but my week days are actually pretty boring... So Ive made a couple decisions. Both of my main toons are going tobe switching corps. Duke Ferret will be following some friends of mine into a established Indy corp. Wish me luck with that. Selena shall be joining an RL friend of mine in his newly founded corp. The main thing with this is they do Faction Warfare occassionally so I can check that out and see how it works.

Thank all of your for actually reading my ramblings and a week from tomorrow expect my 1yr EVE birthday message as well ;3

Fly Dangerous~

The Cyanide Pirate

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Few Drinks at the Bar

Remember my last post? About bombers? yea well I got back in touch with Bomber's bar. haven't flown with them in a while and they don't remember me, so Its back to ground floor. But who cares? I GET TO BOMB SHIT!!!

Well, not even an hour into chillin in bb chat someone found a POS bash.. and we were meant to wreck it. And holy crap wreck it we did.

Just to give you an idea. That pic above was the target POS bash. And with around 20ish bombers plus a couple falcons we had a field day with it.

Troy Chartrand (Naga) 128mill
Ki Rathos (Tornado) 123mill
SpikeyGeorge (Punisher) 2mill
Till Lindreman (Omen) 29mill
~Yro Rhodes (Harbinger) 136mill
~Orda X (Tornado) 106mill
Troy Chartrand (Capsule) 0.00
Ki Rathos (Capsule) 3mill
~SpikeyGeorge (Capsule) 0.00
Till Lindremann (Capsule)
~Yro Rhodes (Capsule)

Ammo.... That's it. yea Bombs are expensive. I personally only used one bomb and a handful of torps, so my losses were very minimal anyway.

Now I know I only made it on 4 of those KM's (Marked with a ~ at the beginning), but still I'm absolutely stoked about this. Bomber's Bar are a amazing group of guys. Most large groups of players are comprised of alliances or corporations or coalitions. Bomber's Bar however is a melting pot of any and everyone who flies pretty much anything cloaky. if it fits a cloak, you do (or should) know about Bomber's Bar.

Total Damage: 527mill ISK
Total Lost: Ammo Used  (Uncalculated)

Fly Dangerous!

~The Cyanide Pirate

P.S. Can someone give me a good way of linking kills that dont make it to BC? Cause this whole not being able to link kills is gonna beat me to death fast-like...