Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So.. I logged into Twitter earlier on my phone(@SciFiCyanide). And was spammed with tweets about fanfest this fanfest that... Then I browse around my favporite blogs... Fanfest this fanfest that..


I love EVE ive been playing for just over a year now, and I REALLY wanted to go this year. Like so badly. But nooooo Since Im leaving my current job in a couple months and with everything going on at work I cant take leave to go... EVE Vegas I suppose is still a few months away. I think Ill take a look into that.

Secondly, I've been struggling in the EVE world recently. Im stagnant, Im bored. I need something to perk my interest again in the Universe itself to get me back into the groove of things. Im excited for Odessy(Mainly for the Navy cane) but other then that I really dont know what To do anymore. I need change. Someone help?

Idk what else to say... Not really any great news or updates.

Fly Dangerous
Ceddy Cyanide

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My New Eden Dream, still unfulfilled...

Hello, My name is Selena Lianar. I am a Minmatar born Capsuleer with no real place in the universe. Just over a year ago, I graduated from my classes with test scores that rival the top students in my class, yet my practical application results should have failed me and sent me back to the planet.

However, I had a dream. The stars were a vast expanse of unknown to me as a child. The Amarrian slaver who guided my young life noticed this and kept me indoors as much as possible. However, he could not quench the fires of longing deep within my heart to one day visit those small pin-point diamonds which scattered about my night sky.

That dream still exists. The fire which burned in me still lives, though much less bright compared to my younger days. You may be asking yourself what is this dream that after over a year amongst the stars I still have not fulfilled. That answer is simply this. Combat, solo combat, forging a name for myself one ship wreck at a time and spreading my name and the fear of it throughout the heavens.

Yes, I've flown in fleets before. I've experienced the massive fleets of the far regions where CONCORD does not travel. I have experienced the smaller fleets seen on the fringes of the highest security zones. Ive spent days on end staring at the asteroids as they diminish in size one by one under my lasers. Yet I have not been able to find myself the combat I desire.

CONCORD allows duels, I know, but duels are something used only by those who live in the safest zones of space. That is not what I look for. I dream of undocking from my station and finding a like minded capsuleer with whom I can swap ammo with until one of our two ships explodes and exchanging a good fight in local comms before warping back to pilot a new ship. This is where my dreams lie. This is what I dream of, and Im afraid this universe cannot fulfil my desires as I wish they would.

However I will be forcing myself out of my comfort zone soon. I have heard rumors along the grapevines that a very special event in one of the local trade hubs will take place again this year. I will be there. I will pilot many ships to their demise. CONCORD will hate me, they will put my name on every station wall for every pilot capsuleer of navy to know that I am a threat. My ships will explode with the fury of dreams yet unrealized. and I shall move. I will move out into the fringes of space where the pirates live, and I shall rejoin their lifestyle once again. I will make a name for myself. I will test the mettle of my turrets under the light of a thousand suns, and I shall prevail. It will take time, It will take resolve but I shall prevail. I will make my name known to the universe.

My name is Selena Lianar, Goodbye.