Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cruor 2, and Corp Directions

Combat for the corp has been nearly nonexistent. With the exception of one fight which Selena was involved in. She shared with me the logs and camera drone recordings and just watching it and the aftermath flushes adrenaline through ever nerve and leaves me seething with untargeted anger.

She decided to take her second Cruor class frigate out (this time minus the propulsion mod, though god only knows why...) on a solo roam. A couple systems out from Vit she decided to set herself on a planet and wait, essentially seeing if anyone would take the bait and go for the kill. After about five minutes an outlaw pilot warped in, he was flying either an Enyo or an Ishkur, I can't remember off the top of my head and will have to go back and find the official battle report later. Without any verbal exchange the two of the engaged. Both neuts flared along with scram. After a cycle of neuts Selena cut one to save on cap. In the mean time the other pilot was beating on her shields and soon into her armor while she has yet to fire a single shot, (mainly because I think she forgot to open fire in the first place), however once her armor rep was engaged she stabled out at around half armor. Unfortunately, and enraging however, a jar in the ship seems to disconnect her temporarily from her system, and in the brief lapse of connection, her second Cruor was destroyed. Luckily however she was able to warp her pod out despite the other pilot having a friendly now at planet. Perhaps the other pilot had no plans to ransom the pod? Who knows. either way the battle was enraging. If guns had been hot and that connection hadn't lapsed we may have been able to get our first solo kill for the corp.

Other then that one incident its been silent. Due to our financial problems we haven't gone out and put our ships on the line. However Selena, since shes the one who emptied the wallet to being with has been oh so gracious to locate and bring in 2bill isk for the corp. So now we have money to play with.

Also, Selena made the trip out to the EVE Gate, and unfortunately did not bring back pictures. Her response to me asking why she didn't was thus, "A capsuleer's pilgrimage to the EVE gate is about as sacred as any can get in this 'verse. It must be at the pilots discretion and an experience shared with them self and them self alone." So I suppose if I want to see it, I'll have to make the trip myself.

So now I have also been thinking about corp direction. Ive narrowed down to two things I would like to do as a corp. I will have to choose between one or the other eventually but for now. Those are my general options. First, we could move into wormhole space. Coming out to incite raids on whatever hapless system happens to have an entrance into our space. Second, we could find some well used system or constellation with a single entrance (like New Eden, hint hint) and camp the gates extracting tolls from those who pass through. I don't know which we will do just yet, and for now. We will remain here in Vit while we hone our skills as a group.

Cyanide Jester - Fly Dangerous!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pirates - Now I know why they are broke...

As a corp we have two more losses under our belts. Unfortunately however, one of them was not a cheap loss... In a 1v1 I lost another Condor class (This apparently has not yet made it to the Killlogs....)

However Selena went out and in mere few moments lost a 99mill ship..... Then came back with a new one.. Good god. We do not make that kind of money as a corporation! The way this is looking I am gong to have to lock her out of the corp wallet. With two ships she dropped us to about 1/20 what we had yesterday... Anyway. its time for bed. I can't deal with her right now.

Fly Dangerous!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Since I Cannot Fly Today...

You get more ranting from me.

Apparently the hanger crews in station have gone on strike, so I will be unable to get out for another most likely 12 hrs (at best). So Its time to do some thinking.

Vit, being a good system with a number of advantages has begun to bore me. Too many random towers in space. It, and the systems around it, are way too quiet when I am out hunting. That mixed with the strike.. I may be looking for a new system to move into. In all honesty. If Vit didn't have the kajillion towers in it, I would be fine living there. But it does, so I am fairly put off by it. To many places for people to hide from me.

Perhaps I'll go find where that Incursus pilot lives and find a system near him. Wouldn't that be lovely, Id get to challenge him more often. I feel like facing the same person once in a while will be a good way to see how my skills and fits have improved. However, that has yet to be decided. I need to find a system I actually like first.

In regards to my last update. I have spent the last few hours researching the Blood Raiders faction ships. All three of them are similar in what they are meant to do, and they are the only ships I can find that are so specifically inclined towards capacitor warfare in the 'verse. Capacitor warfare intrigues me. The ability to drain an opposing ship of cap, thereby leaving them dead in space, is a fantastic idea/strategy. The biggest problem with this is Blood Raider ships cost a small fortune in comparison to other ships of their size class. For example, the Cruor class Blood Raider frigate. A scan over the New Eden markets and the cheapest hull I can find is a little over 62mill. In comparison, the cheapest Scorpion class Battleship I could find on the market, was only 1 mill more then that. That's four levels above the Cruor, and its barely even a million more (The Ashimiru class BR cruiser, was 100mill more then the Cruor). A Pirates salary does not cover that kind of expense. So unless I can get the blueprints for it, and find a way to get someone to manufacture them for me or something, I may be screwed when it comes to trying to get my hands on those ships.

Which means this, I'll be sticking to the Condor and Griffin still. Once I figure out which one I prefer, I'll begin moving forward from there. I like the Griffin's bonuses, the only problem is I don't see it holding up very well to the damage it will inevitably take. Plus, I don't really have room to put shield ext/booster/invuln on it. All four Med slots are going to be filled with ECM systems, and a propulsion module. Unless I can find a way to fit one ECM that will effect all racial backgrounds. However, from what I can see, each ECM module effects different race pilots differently, which is immensely confusing and far more complicated then it should be. Now, thinking harder on it I can understand to a certain point why it's like this. Each race uses different types of guns. Each gun uses different types of systems to make them function.

For example. An Amarr gun, is the lasers, whereas Minmatar has projectile turrets. One focuses a beam of light to such a fine ray that it can tear through metal. The other is essentially just large bullets. Totally different weapon systems, and totally different ways they each work. So to be able to jam all types of weaponry at once, is next to impossible. Now I could be all wrong with this. That's just how it appears to me when looking it over.

Short Update

So.. I discovered the Cruor.. and the other Blood Raider faction ships... Oh, My Lord. That is EXACTLY what I want. Drain their cap and warp dis them so they can't get away... Perfection (AKA I can get more ISK out of ransoming the whole ship as opposed to just the pod itself, and if they refuse, well I wonder how long they can sit in place with no cap? Yea there's the risk of them getting buddies to come help. But the fun part about that is with the help of my fellow WAHP pirates, I can pop him if need be.). Only problem... A Cruor costs at least 62mill a piece.... And I don't see any Blueprints for them ANYWHERE! This is a problem. I need to get my hands on blueprints for the Cruor, Ashimmu, and Bhaalgorn, STAT.

My First Loss - Hindsight

So I was thinking back to my loss yesterday, and I realized something important, yet potentially fatal for my future. After I lost the ship, I went back and fitted up another Condor, with the exact same fit... No recalling the fight and deciding what I could have done better, nothing. So that is what I am doing now. BEFORE I lose my next ship, which I inevitably will until I get a fit I like.

Let me begin with why I chose the Condor to begin with. It really all boils down to how I want to win in a dogfight. I primarily want to lock down an opponent in any and all ways possible, that way I can render their ship useless in some way (whether this is destroying it or through other means). When they can't fight back, I can effectively begin ransoming procedures.

The Condor gets two bonuses.

Caldari Frigate Skill Bonus:
10% bonus to light missile and rocket kinetic damage per skill level.
Role bonus:
80% reduction in propulsion Jamming systems activation cost.

Well, I like missiles because they give me a range advantage over other weapons at my current level. Propulsion jamming, such as Webifiers and Disruptors help me lock down an opponent and keep them from getting away. As seen last night however, this isn't really enough (and a tech 1 shield booster really doesn't help against bigger better guns on an opposing frigate, as I saw yesterday).

So My first question I must ask myself. Is the Condor class frigate really the best Caldari frigate for what I want to do? The answer to this is actually kind of fuzzy. I say that because though propulsion jamming is nice, how much does that lessened activation cost really help me? When I look at the other frigates available I found the Griffin class. So lets compare the two, in raw numbers from the ships manuals 1v1.

Fitting Space:

   4 Highslots (3 launcher hardpoints and one extra)
   4 Medium Slots
   2 Low Slots

   3 High Slots (2 launcher 1 Turret)
   4 Medium Slots
   1 Low Slot

The Condor can fit more of the launchers that I like, granted its by a grand total of one. It also has an extra Low slot, which is also good. Now I don't use the fourth slot on my Condor, so in effect the Condor essentially wins the Slot space race in two different spots. An extra launcher hardpoint, and an extra Low slot.



   Caldari Frigate Skill Bonus:
   10% bonus to light missile and rocket kinetic damage per skill level.
   Role bonus:
   80% reduction in propulsion Jamming systems activation cost.


   Caldari Frigate Skill Bonus:
   15% bonus to ECM Target Jammer strength and 10% bonus to ECM Target Jammers' capacitor need per level.

Now lets assume I have Caldari frigate trained all the way.

 50% bonus to light missile and rocket kinetic damage.
80% reduction in Prop jamming systems activation cost

75% Bonus to ECM Target Jammer Strength and 50% bonus to ECM Target Jammer's cap need (I assume the latter means each level makes it need LESS cap, even though its worded the other way around.)

So looking at those number, I am actually leaning towards the Griffin on this one. If my target can't hit me, then I don't need to worry about damage (The missing launcher hardpoint now makes sense). This also means I have less need of a low slot for extra damage from launchers, I can fit the Damage control, in the low slot and be fine.



So, they both have a good side and a bad side... One has more power, while the other has more CPU. However, with that extra CPU, that also means I get more Cap, which is good. I wont however judge this on either side until I find out how the fits differ and their individual power/CPU requirements. I don't know why I put this section in here at all, because it really doesn't matter all that much when comparing two different ships made for two different things.

Anyhow lets move on.

So far, the Griffin has come out on top. Now I suppose later today once I get back out into space, I'll have to get Selena to go haul me in some Griffin hulls with modules so I can test them out and see if I like them more or not.

Now to my analysis of my fight with the Incursus. It obviously went badly, and went badly fast. My first response is the typical cop out "I didn't expect to win in the first place". Here is the problem with that. I don't have to expect to win, but I should expect to do my damnedest to bring the opponent so close to their breaking point they start sweating veldspar. So that excuse is thrown out the window. I do give myself credit, however, for giving it a shot in the first place. Normally I wouldn't have engaged until I had a tech 2 fit on my ship and had a better chance of surviving. That's carebear mentality. I'm am not a Carebear. I am a pirate. It's about time I started acting like one. Now to the real meat and potatoes of the fight if you will. I started off the fight with my brain in a clusterfuck. When his one volley nearly took me into armor, I panicked. Mistake number one. I turned EVERYTHING ON. Shield booster, afterburner, web, disruptor, you name it it was on. The customs station got in my way. Mistake number two. Location location location. I picked a spot that in the end screwed me over. I need to find a spot that I will utilize as a spot to bring people for 1v1, somewhere that evens the playing field, ie somewhere a good distance from any large objects. Those things combined all resulted in my three-four volley death.

So things to learn.
   1) Focus, don't panic. Keep your head in the game. The moment you panic the fight is lost.
   2) Location Location Location. I need to pick my fights in better locations.
   3) Do not let overwhelming odds turn me away from a fight. (The only exception to this is destroyer class ships. They were built specifically to destroy frigates like mine. I'm not going to challenge one will-nilly.)

Well, there you have it. My 20-20 hindsight kicks in runs me over for a while, then looks at me and asks what I'm going to do about it. Well, I'm going to fit up another ship and get right back out there and find me a fight!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My First Loss

A number of things happened today. First off Selena left her corporation in null-sec officially. She came down in her hound and left the rest behind. Yay for me, I have a associate nearby. Second, I started up a corporation. I added both Selena and her brother to it, as well as the high-sec Gallente pilot I spoke of earlier. Again, yay for me. However, next we get to the good part.

I ran into an Incursus class frigate outside station. He didn't seem to be in a hurry to dock so I figured I'd get a little combat in for the day. I locked targets with him to get his attention. Well, it did get his attention alright. He dared me to shoot, I declined and implored him for a 1v1 out on a planet. He agreed and we headed out to planet V. Moments later My Condor class frigate exploded. I kind of expected it but I tested it out anyway. Good fight was exchanged in local, and suddenly another capsuleer in a thrasher showed up right in the middle of him asking for the 5 mill to let my pod go free. I was going to decline, but in good sport the Incursus pilot unlocked me and warped off, suggesting I do the same. I took the time and did so. The Incirsus pilot convo'ed me and we spent a few moments BS'ing about fits and ships and other miscellaneous topics before we went our separate ways.

Selena took out her newly purchased Mammoth class industrial ship, and bought me 10 more Condor hulls. How nice of her, now I need to get the modules to fit them... ugh. But I shall save that for another day.

I hear it's ladies night in the capsuleer's lounge tonight. Might go see what's going on there.


Nothing really happened today. I spent the last of the ISK Selena sent me buying most of the T2 modules for my new Condor class frigate. Its going to look quite nice when its complete, and have a good kick behind it. Unfortunately however. Its still a frigate, therefore its hull it abaout as thin as paper... So I'm taking precautions to keep it intact through out the day. Though I haven't taken it out on any pie yet, I'm waiting until I have these modules fitted and functioning. My hangar crew tells me it's going to be a few days to a wekk before it is complete. Why do new things always have to take so long...

In other news, Selena has apparently made the long trip through enemy space and is now naught but a handful of jumps from me. She said she left her Hurricane class battlecruiser in nullsec and is probably going to sell it off or something, I don't know for sure.

I also ran into a pilot who went through capsuleer training at the same time as me. He is Gallente born, but has taken a huge interest in Caldari ships. I think he is flying a Merlin class frigate currently. He seems like a possibility to assist me in some pirating at some point, but for now, he stays in highsec... pussy male. Wonder what good he will be in a dog fight anyhow...

Wel thats all for today. I think Im going to head down to the lower decks of the station and bask in the glory of the way people look at me as I walk by. There's this really good resteraunt down there though.

Cyanide Jester - Fly Dangerous My Friends

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moving into Low-Sec

Since I have no real need to remain in the cuddly comfort of highsec I decided it was time to find me a home.  There was no money in a 0.9 system anyhow, and I need to get ISK for skills and ships. So I began my hunt.

The first system I visited, a 0.5 system on the edge of Gellente space, was lacking a Medical bay at its one station. That's two things that made me turn it down as home. So two jumps later I found myself back in highsec pouring through the 'verse map to find me a home. Within about ten minutes I located a 0.3 system a couple jumps from high-sec, four stations, and one of them even had a Med Bay! So off I went.

When I arrived I found it strikingly empty. Even though the stats I pulled up in the logs stated that three ships had been destroyed here in the last 24 hrs, and there had been 32 jumps into this system in the last hour alone. However it had everything I wanted, so I moved in. Selena had been so gracious to give me 5mil ISK to get me started on my way, and that went into getting two frigates. One was a Kestrel class, the other a Heron class. The Kestrel I picked up to serve as a set of guns until I could get something better. The Heron I decided to buy after an interesting incident within an hour of being in Vitrauze. My D-Scan stated that there was an Iteron MkV in system, even though local comms showed I was the only capsuleer present. SO my first thought was, Some one left their ship out in space! However I ran into a slight problem. My D-scan was not able to pinpoint an exact location on the ship, though I tracked it down to within 500km of one of the planets. So I decided I needed a probing ship so that when I do want to find someone elusive, I can do so effectively. Now I just need to spend the next day or so pouring over skillbooks to learn how to use these modules. Shortly thereafter I had my first run in with another capsuleer, or should I say three capsuleers. I had decided to pick a fight with the local Serpentis group in one of the local belts when I noticed the spike in local comms, one of which I had recognized as the pilot who had followed me through a couple systems not but ten minutes ago when  picked up the Heron (Now christened CPF AlienArt). So I lowered the radius of my D-scan to 500km so  could see them as they approached. However a Serpentis cruiser took my attention just long enough for me not to notice that a Thorax class cruiser was warping to my belt. Swiftly I aligned to a gate (the easiest thing for me to align to at the time, and warped off just as the opposing cruiser locked me. I safely landed on the gate, and through a brief error, jumped through the gate instead of holding on it. I turned back around and jumped back into system, to see the Thorax waiting on the other side for me. taking my advantage of speed I aligned out and warped past him. Then began the talk in the local comms.

Cyanide Jester > So Czar, whats your buddy flyin eh?
Cyanide Jester > Or are you two done playing?
CzarKiller > eh?
CzarKiller > never done playing
Cyanide Jester > Sounds like we've got ourselves a regular playdate then sweetcheeks.
Deltan Solette > uhhhh
CzarKiller > uh
Deltan Solette > lol
Helios Bayne > o.O
Cyanide Jester > Its not like I'm really that hard too kill, just a little slippery to catch.

There was a brief silence on comms (I assume while I was probed out from my hiding place in plain sight, I hadn't bookmarked any safe spots quite yet at this point). Then the Thorax showed its face again. I promptly warped off, not wanting to get in a battle with three capsuleer pilots with bigger and better ships then I had. They would be trying to take on a frigate unless they thought they could kill it. or they thought it would be a free kill. Either way I revisited comms.

Deltan Solette > this one may just be older than a day :)
Cyanide Jester > So lets see, Deltan is your prober?
Deltan Solette > catch ya next time o/
Cyanide Jester > o/
Cyanide Jester > Fly Dangerous
Deltan Solette > always

And with that the three of them jumped out of system. I still had my ship, and I had at least proven to these three that I was no inexperienced pilot. At this point I docked up to grab a drink at the bar, I didn't have anything to do at the time so the reprieve was nice. Unfortunately I hadn't brought my datapad with me, so I missed when one of them had returned to system and left this message.

Helios Bayne > whatcha doin docked up?
Helios Bayne > pirate but no pew pew?
Helios Bayne > maybe ill see you around in a few weeks when you have some SP's
Helios Bayne > o/

So not wanting to be rude (perhaps these guys would fly with me some day, wouldn't want to piss em off now, specially not when they can pod me swift fast and in a hurry) I sent him this message. 

From: Cyanide Jester
Sent: 2012.09.12 08:33
To: Helios Bayne,  

Helios Bayne,

I docked up so I could go have myself a cigarette. Im sure we will be seeing a bit of each other in the coming days and weeks.

Plus I wasn't about to take on three of you in a tech 1 fit frigate.


Cyanide Jester

Fly Dangerous

No reply from him yet, but it is about time for me to take a nap. Its been a busy day.


Received an odd little private convo right before I logged off so I entertained it.

GM Creator > Greetings and welcome to EVE. My name is GM Creator and I am calling on behalf of the GM Team. I'm just wondering how EVE has been treating you so far and would like to welcome you to the game.
Cyanide Jester > Well then
Cyanide Jester > This is new
GM Creator > Yes, It is :)
Cyanide Jester > I like it though
GM Creator > If you don't mind me asking....what all have you gotten into so far in Eve? (Mining, Missions, Marketing, Manufacture, Mayhem, etc)
Cyanide Jester > Kinda wish I had gotten this kind of treatment on my first character I wouldnt have quit for two months, lol
Cyanide Jester > Oh and for your question.
Cyanide Jester > Snce Im sure you dont have all day
Cyanide Jester > Ive gotten back a little into ratting, but the untlimatte goal is Pirate mayhem >:D
Cyanide Jester > Just gotta get my ships up to par is all
GM Creator > Do you need any help in / information about: mining, learning, insurance, agents, skills, cloning, subscription etc...?
Cyanide Jester > Nope. I still remember most of my way around here, but thank you for the offer
GM Creator > Well, thank you for your time, I let you play, and I'm sorry if I "disturbed" you.
GM Creator > If you need help / if you have any question(s), just send me an (ingame) eve-mail, I will answer you as soon as possible.
Cyanide Jester > Truely, Im glad you guys started doing this!
GM Creator > We are the GM Team, resistance is FUTILE, you WILL be Helped! :)
Cyanide Jester > So you guys will send a fleet out into nullsec to help me clear out some unwanted pest capsuleers?
(( This was a long shot but I was hopeing for the best!))
GM Creator > Sorry but our forces are in the jove region atm
GM Creator > We have some problem with them :)
Cyanide Jester > I want in the Jove Ive been waiting months to get a crack at their twisted little faces.
GM Creator > :))
GM Creator > Well, thank you for your time,
GM Creator > Have a nice day/night, Fly Safe o7
Cyanide Jester > FLy Safe?
Cyanide Jester > Do I really look like an Amarrian Merchant to you?
GM Creator > uhm
GM Creator > sorry for that
Cyanide Jester > Ill let it slide this time. Fly Dangerous My friend.
GM Creator > o7
Cyanide Jester > o7

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Road to Capsuleer

Some people believe that the Minmatar had it the worst. What with being slaves to the Amarr for so long. However I disagree. And I am good friends with two Minmatar siblings. So I like to think I have a little to say about this. I am a freshly graduated Caldari Capsuleer and in my opinion. I am more of a slave then both of my friends combined. So let me explain my reasoning by telling you my story.

I was born in the Lactare system bordering Minmatar space. You may be looking at the New Eden map now and saying "But there is no Lactare system anywhere let alone in Caldari space." There is a story behind that and it plays into my own story.

I grew up with my family on Lactare III a relatively small temperate planet owned by the small Kaladisher Corporation. They were much more relaxed then most in the State. Due to our proximity to Minmatar space we kept ourselves on amiable terms with the Minmatar, we even had a sizable Minmatar population living amongst us.

At about the age of 16 my entire life changed. The Kaladisher Corp made enemies with Lai Dai, how and why I don't really know but the two didn't get along very well. So in about the 12th month of that year a sizable group of mercenary capsuleer's (supposedly hired my the Lai Dai) declared war on the entire system. I didn't realize this at the time, but the size of the Capsuleers fleet force must have been HUGE to take on such an undertaking. Well, not that huge. the kaladisher weren't that strong at the time. They were still a budding corporation on the path to greatness. Within 4 months the entire system was taken over. CONCORD could do nothing. Civilians were killed with impunity. I however snuck my way aboard a frigate owned by one of the mercs. An Executioner class frigate. So when the mercs destroyed the jump gate into the system I made it out alive.


Huddling amongst crates in the cargo hold of the Executioner class frigate, Helena waited. Hopeing beyond hopes that she would make it out alive. Suddenly a voice whispered from a speaker on the wall behind her. It was a female's voice, with a Minmatar accent.

"I know your there girl. Quit hiding and come out now."

Helena froze. How had she known? I know Ive hidden myself well... Out of pure shock she remained still, perhaps it was a bluff, maybe she wasn't talking to her. All of these hopes were shattered when a man walked around the crates holding a data pad in one hand.

"Stand up girl and come with me. The Cap'n knows your here so there's no point in hiding anymore." His tone seemed soft, the utter lack of hostility threw her off. How could one not be hostile to a stowaway from a system you just destroyed? 

She stood timidly and followed him threw the ship and led her onto the bridge. A small crew sat at terminals checking the screens and talking amongst themselves. All of them were dressed oddly for a ships crew. Casual flamboyant attire had found its way onto each of them. This was a stark contrast to the crisp uniforms she had seen on so many Caldari pilots. The man led her to a female who sat in what seemed to be the command chair. So this is a capsuleer. She thought. Though the woman was dressed just as obnoxiously as the rest of them she held herself a little higher then the rest. Helena quickly dropped her head in shame and stared at her own feet.

"Im sorry Miss Capsuleer.. I just .. I don't.. I wan.." She sounded completely stupid to herself and scolded her own tongue in her head.

The woman chuckled a bit and looked out to her crew. "Hear that boys? I've just been promoted to capsuleer! Who would have thought it would be that easy?" This brought on a loud wave of laughter from the crew, all of which were now focused on this stowaway little girl. "I ain't no capsuleer babe. But the real capsuleer wants to have a little chit chat with you. So why don't you come sit in my seat and have a looksie at the real captain of this ship."

Helena timidly sat down, mostly out of fear of upsetting the woman if she did not comply. In front of her was a holoscreen and portrayed there was a very mean looking woman with an awkward smile on her face. Helena opened her mouth to give her apology to the captain but the woman shook her head and held out a hand to stop her.

"I know why your here. You saw an escape from death and took it. That's understandable for someone of your... status, if you will." The woman was calm and friendly about the whole thing, which still seemed odd to Helena. "What's your name girl?"

Helena choked on her words for a moment and decided that compliance was probably the best idea. "H..Helena Ma'am."

"Now there's no need to call me ma'am. Call me Selena Its my name, so might as well use it. So Helena. What did you plan on doing once you snuck aboard my ship?"

"I.. I didn't know Ma-Selena.... Ma'am. I just didn't want to die."

Selena amiled a bit. "Well I've gotten in contact with a special friend of mine over in the Caldari military. So I have a couple options I can give you. The first, I can drop you off at a Caldari station where you can go about your business and make your own life. The second, You can stay here with me as a crew member of my ship." Helena's eyes lit up at the prospect of living in space. "Or My third and Final option, which involves my Caldari friend. I can pass you into his custody and have you signed up to become a Capsuleer yourself. If of course you can pass the tests."

She was speechless, her? Become a capsuleer?! It was an opportunity she had NEVER dreamed of in a million years... However, there was one question on her mind.

"Miss Selena.. why would you do something like that for me? A simple Caldari girl?"

"Helena, I have been a capsuleer for a good amount of time. I have grown bored with the usual wait for a contract and carry it out then collect the Kredits.I have grander schemes in mind. I will put you through Capsuleer training, if you come find me afterwards so I can teach the real business and we can work together on this. Deal?"

Helena merely nodded, too dumbfounded to speak.


And it was thus that I got the chance to become a capsuleer. I changed my name from helena to Cyanide Jester to finalize my new life. Well, here I am. Freshly graduated from Capsuleer training and out in space by myself. I haven't yet gone out to see Selena yet, she moved out of high-sec and is now living in the far reaches of null, many many grueling jumps away from me. However we still keep in touch. She wants me to stay in High-sec until I can fly something which would survive out in the dangers of null.

Now you may have noticed that I haven't explained my first point. Caldari are more slaves then Minmatar. The Minmatar race was physically enslaved by the Amarr, however the Caldari, are mentally and emotionally enslaved by themselves. The strict rules and 'walkthelineorelse' attitude of the Caldari hinders real creativity and expression. There is no individuality in Caldari culture. You are merely a piece of the great State Machine. And every Caldari accepts it. The Minmatar did not accept their captivity and now look at them. What if the Caldari did the same?

Well that ends my story for now. But perhaps Ill let you guys know how Im doing later on down the road. Until then. Fly Safe!

Another note from the player

Those that read the first post, I edeleted it. I know. mainly because I am rewriting her backstory and will be actualy writing her as a story. Instead of logs I will do story time with my character. How often? Idk but thats the plan. So Now to write her backstory for you and all will go well.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Note From The Player

So let me explain a little bit of background and why I started this blog up. First This is not my first character, nor my first account. This will make account number 2 and I have very specific plans for it, unlike I did for the first which turned into a mess of gabrly gook. But I still play on the other account because Im playin with a great group of guys, but they can't know about this character..... Not yet anyway. Currently this account is in the 14dayTrial thing. And if I cant get my bank card in time.. I may not be able to upgrade it until after the 14 days are up... here's hopin that doesnt happen.

I am a huge fan of roleplaying, and with how intensive and in-depth this game is, I feel like it makes the perfect breeding ground for a fun roleplay as my in game character. So here's to good times and a set of crossed fingers my bank card shows up in time!