Thursday, September 13, 2012

My First Loss

A number of things happened today. First off Selena left her corporation in null-sec officially. She came down in her hound and left the rest behind. Yay for me, I have a associate nearby. Second, I started up a corporation. I added both Selena and her brother to it, as well as the high-sec Gallente pilot I spoke of earlier. Again, yay for me. However, next we get to the good part.

I ran into an Incursus class frigate outside station. He didn't seem to be in a hurry to dock so I figured I'd get a little combat in for the day. I locked targets with him to get his attention. Well, it did get his attention alright. He dared me to shoot, I declined and implored him for a 1v1 out on a planet. He agreed and we headed out to planet V. Moments later My Condor class frigate exploded. I kind of expected it but I tested it out anyway. Good fight was exchanged in local, and suddenly another capsuleer in a thrasher showed up right in the middle of him asking for the 5 mill to let my pod go free. I was going to decline, but in good sport the Incursus pilot unlocked me and warped off, suggesting I do the same. I took the time and did so. The Incirsus pilot convo'ed me and we spent a few moments BS'ing about fits and ships and other miscellaneous topics before we went our separate ways.

Selena took out her newly purchased Mammoth class industrial ship, and bought me 10 more Condor hulls. How nice of her, now I need to get the modules to fit them... ugh. But I shall save that for another day.

I hear it's ladies night in the capsuleer's lounge tonight. Might go see what's going on there.

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  1. sure interesting to hear this from the other side's point of view! i look forward to when we cross paths again!