Friday, September 14, 2012

Since I Cannot Fly Today...

You get more ranting from me.

Apparently the hanger crews in station have gone on strike, so I will be unable to get out for another most likely 12 hrs (at best). So Its time to do some thinking.

Vit, being a good system with a number of advantages has begun to bore me. Too many random towers in space. It, and the systems around it, are way too quiet when I am out hunting. That mixed with the strike.. I may be looking for a new system to move into. In all honesty. If Vit didn't have the kajillion towers in it, I would be fine living there. But it does, so I am fairly put off by it. To many places for people to hide from me.

Perhaps I'll go find where that Incursus pilot lives and find a system near him. Wouldn't that be lovely, Id get to challenge him more often. I feel like facing the same person once in a while will be a good way to see how my skills and fits have improved. However, that has yet to be decided. I need to find a system I actually like first.

In regards to my last update. I have spent the last few hours researching the Blood Raiders faction ships. All three of them are similar in what they are meant to do, and they are the only ships I can find that are so specifically inclined towards capacitor warfare in the 'verse. Capacitor warfare intrigues me. The ability to drain an opposing ship of cap, thereby leaving them dead in space, is a fantastic idea/strategy. The biggest problem with this is Blood Raider ships cost a small fortune in comparison to other ships of their size class. For example, the Cruor class Blood Raider frigate. A scan over the New Eden markets and the cheapest hull I can find is a little over 62mill. In comparison, the cheapest Scorpion class Battleship I could find on the market, was only 1 mill more then that. That's four levels above the Cruor, and its barely even a million more (The Ashimiru class BR cruiser, was 100mill more then the Cruor). A Pirates salary does not cover that kind of expense. So unless I can get the blueprints for it, and find a way to get someone to manufacture them for me or something, I may be screwed when it comes to trying to get my hands on those ships.

Which means this, I'll be sticking to the Condor and Griffin still. Once I figure out which one I prefer, I'll begin moving forward from there. I like the Griffin's bonuses, the only problem is I don't see it holding up very well to the damage it will inevitably take. Plus, I don't really have room to put shield ext/booster/invuln on it. All four Med slots are going to be filled with ECM systems, and a propulsion module. Unless I can find a way to fit one ECM that will effect all racial backgrounds. However, from what I can see, each ECM module effects different race pilots differently, which is immensely confusing and far more complicated then it should be. Now, thinking harder on it I can understand to a certain point why it's like this. Each race uses different types of guns. Each gun uses different types of systems to make them function.

For example. An Amarr gun, is the lasers, whereas Minmatar has projectile turrets. One focuses a beam of light to such a fine ray that it can tear through metal. The other is essentially just large bullets. Totally different weapon systems, and totally different ways they each work. So to be able to jam all types of weaponry at once, is next to impossible. Now I could be all wrong with this. That's just how it appears to me when looking it over.


  1. If you're looking for a ship that specialises in cap warfare, the Amarr T2 electronic warfare ships (the Sentinel, Curse, and Pilgrim) are also designed around that role. They're not cheap either, but the Sentinel in particular should be much cheaper than its Blood Raider counterpart.

    Regarding ECM, there are 'multispectral' ECM modules which can jam all sensor types equally, but with a lower jam strength than the single-race versions. For a solo PVP griffin, I'd recommend afterburner, warp scrambler, and 2x multispectral ECM.

    1. I've had some one introduce me to the T2 amarr ships just recently and Ive been looking into them. I will most likely get Selena into the Sentinel as she just got her T2 guns trained up.

      And thank you for the advice on the Griffin. I was won dering how I was going to fit one out.