Friday, September 14, 2012

Short Update

So.. I discovered the Cruor.. and the other Blood Raider faction ships... Oh, My Lord. That is EXACTLY what I want. Drain their cap and warp dis them so they can't get away... Perfection (AKA I can get more ISK out of ransoming the whole ship as opposed to just the pod itself, and if they refuse, well I wonder how long they can sit in place with no cap? Yea there's the risk of them getting buddies to come help. But the fun part about that is with the help of my fellow WAHP pirates, I can pop him if need be.). Only problem... A Cruor costs at least 62mill a piece.... And I don't see any Blueprints for them ANYWHERE! This is a problem. I need to get my hands on blueprints for the Cruor, Ashimmu, and Bhaalgorn, STAT.

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