Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cruor 2, and Corp Directions

Combat for the corp has been nearly nonexistent. With the exception of one fight which Selena was involved in. She shared with me the logs and camera drone recordings and just watching it and the aftermath flushes adrenaline through ever nerve and leaves me seething with untargeted anger.

She decided to take her second Cruor class frigate out (this time minus the propulsion mod, though god only knows why...) on a solo roam. A couple systems out from Vit she decided to set herself on a planet and wait, essentially seeing if anyone would take the bait and go for the kill. After about five minutes an outlaw pilot warped in, he was flying either an Enyo or an Ishkur, I can't remember off the top of my head and will have to go back and find the official battle report later. Without any verbal exchange the two of the engaged. Both neuts flared along with scram. After a cycle of neuts Selena cut one to save on cap. In the mean time the other pilot was beating on her shields and soon into her armor while she has yet to fire a single shot, (mainly because I think she forgot to open fire in the first place), however once her armor rep was engaged she stabled out at around half armor. Unfortunately, and enraging however, a jar in the ship seems to disconnect her temporarily from her system, and in the brief lapse of connection, her second Cruor was destroyed. Luckily however she was able to warp her pod out despite the other pilot having a friendly now at planet. Perhaps the other pilot had no plans to ransom the pod? Who knows. either way the battle was enraging. If guns had been hot and that connection hadn't lapsed we may have been able to get our first solo kill for the corp.

Other then that one incident its been silent. Due to our financial problems we haven't gone out and put our ships on the line. However Selena, since shes the one who emptied the wallet to being with has been oh so gracious to locate and bring in 2bill isk for the corp. So now we have money to play with.

Also, Selena made the trip out to the EVE Gate, and unfortunately did not bring back pictures. Her response to me asking why she didn't was thus, "A capsuleer's pilgrimage to the EVE gate is about as sacred as any can get in this 'verse. It must be at the pilots discretion and an experience shared with them self and them self alone." So I suppose if I want to see it, I'll have to make the trip myself.

So now I have also been thinking about corp direction. Ive narrowed down to two things I would like to do as a corp. I will have to choose between one or the other eventually but for now. Those are my general options. First, we could move into wormhole space. Coming out to incite raids on whatever hapless system happens to have an entrance into our space. Second, we could find some well used system or constellation with a single entrance (like New Eden, hint hint) and camp the gates extracting tolls from those who pass through. I don't know which we will do just yet, and for now. We will remain here in Vit while we hone our skills as a group.

Cyanide Jester - Fly Dangerous!

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