Thursday, December 13, 2012

After a Long Hiatus

The real question you should be asking, is not "Where have you been?" but "Have you actually been gone at all?"

In reality I have been pretty much absent. Due to projects for work and a chunk of time without Internet that would support my pixelated spaceships.. I have been away. But training has continued the whole time! Anyhow I'M back and let me give you a few updates of the last few days.

First off, Selena. Selena has decided to take her own extended break from the life of the capsuleer. She pretty much liquidated everything she owns and gave it to me. So I have a bill and a half in ISK. Woot!

Secondly Pirating. Unfortunately when I returned I realized that with my skills Im not really in a position to do a whole lot of pirating right now. Also playing Solo (now that Selena is gone) is generally fairly boring. If I don't have a chat open with people I can make fun of at a rapid rate of fire.. I'm not yet entertained. So I joined a corp... an Anti-Pie corp at that. A friend of mine was a member so I figured I would join and play with him.

Thirdly, the new Corp. I honestly cannot remember the name of it off hand... but I will look it up later and fix my info on the blog. Anyhow it is a young corp built as a playground for newbs. Like literally. There are maybe 4-5 experienced players on there, and just about the rest of the 40 something odd players are like.. a couple weeks old.. MAX. So its been fun. Ive only been a member for like 2-3 days and Ive gone from a lonely capsuleer just looking for people to talk to, to being two rank slots below the CEO and pretty much running the corp as a whole. Technically I am only the Second-In-Command of the Security Division, but in reality I fill the Sec Div's command role.

The management of the Corp is horrid.. The CEO is a really laid back guy, which I am cool with, but when he blows off members or just accepts their application then ignores them, that is a problem. Which started an interesting convo between me and one of the other experience players yesterday. CEO has pretty much given the Officers free run of the corp, granted we still need to get him to do admin shit for the corp, but hey who actually wants to do that anyway? So he serves his purpose. For now. I am trying to kickstart the corp as a whole and get it running smoothly and efficiently right now.

Now that the boring stuff is complete let us move onto the behind the scenes stuff that is REALLY going on. I am moving up the ranks of the corp for a reason, and not just to fill the vacuum of leadership left behind by the CEO. I have a dual-purpose with this which should be interesting to see played out. (Remember, my pirating days are not over, they are merely... postponed, if you will.) I wont spoil all the details now as who knows who reads these. Perhaps someone in the corp?

~Cyanide Jester
Fly Dangerous My Friends


  1. Well, being a pirate myself, I think you should fly around Essence and try to find me. A clash of Pirate v Anti-Pirate seems to be in the works :)

    Anyways, glad to see you're back. I saw you in local a couple days ago but couldn't say hi before you were gone. Hope to bump into you soon!

    1. Would be lovely to see you again Lucas, though I fear with my absense someof my training has been amiss and neglected. So I fear you will probably still out gun me sir. But As we found when we first met, neither of us readily turn down a fight.