Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Resistance is Futile

So the last couple days have been interesting. So we shall break it up into different parts this time to explain it.

Firstly, the High-Sec Corp. Silver Ghost Soldiers. That is the corp I joined to use while I get my skills up. Things are progressing smoothly. As a Captain I am effectively two steps below the CEO, so I have a bit of pull with how things get run. Just last night I was given Director rights to the corporation, so my reach within the corp is nearly limitless. The only thing that awaits is time. As well as a few helping hands. On a sidenote, why did they see fit to allow CEO's and Directors the ability to see what other members have in their personal hangar? I mean its interesting and all, but what prompted that permission? There are a handful of good PVPer's in the corp so I will have to work out a way to get them on my side as swiftly as possible, which shouldn't be too hard.

Second, Ships. Osprey. I've finally got a decent fit going for my Osprey even though it still needs some work. I have to run too many cap rechargers/cap relays to keep it stable with one transporter going. At the moment, I am working on getting the tank on it to something a little better. I fit Tech 2 extenders on it finally and am working towards the Tech 2 Invuln. Once that is complete I will need to decide what rigs I want to fit to it. Shield? Capacitor? Either way I have a couple days to decide for sure. Once that is complete I need to get my electronics skills up higher. Fiddling with all these knobs and such is time consuming and I can't quite get enough out of it for what I want. Next is drones. I would like to get some good drones going. Not sure if I want combat drones, or repair drones yet, but like I said before, I have plenty of time.

Other then that life has been slow. Ive started spot checking survivability of the members the last couple days. Ill go find one of them, and in my newly fit Meta 4 Condor, Ill long point them and then plink away at their ship to see if they can respond in time, or if they cannot deal with it, then comm over a member who can and get them out to the rescue.

Fly Dangerous!
Cyanide Jester

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mining... oh god...

Today was rather eventful. After an hour or so of sitting around doing little to anything. We had a corpmember start complaining in comms that hehad lost another ship due to negligence and not paying attention. My first reaction was to tell him he is retarded and needs to take better care of his shit(Oh that reminds me I should tell you about the killboard for the corp... I have not seen anything this depressing in my life). ANyhow, in an act of goodwill I offered to bring my newest addition to my fleet, a Bantam. I had seen Logistics ships in action before but I naver realized their full awe inspiring work until I put this together. Granted in any PVP situation it would melt faster then you grandmothers four pound sticvk of butter in the back of the fridge. nevertheless, it was a great way to get me interesting in Logi ships in general. I filled my highslots with Tech 2 Shield Transporters and filled the meds with tech 2 cap rechargers. Yes, she was cap stable, but about as tough as a door mouse on acid. Oh and did I mention thet she literally does less than zero damage? Yea awesome right? Anyhow I had tested the repairing properties of this ship of what was soon to be awesome. So the CPF AlienArt went on its fuirst test run. The Security Division head and the other SecDiv captain had both fought each other yesterday Tam in her Cruiser class, and Alas in her Destroyer class. The Cruiser won that fight. Well I, at the time underestimating the abilities of AlienArt, suggested they do it again and I would try and see if I could keep the destroyer alive this time. Long story short, the cruiser could not break the tank I was giving the destroyer, like at all. I was stoked.

So I took CPF Alien Art out on her first "real mission". I use quotes to show how much I actually think it was a mission at all. It was more of a way to bide time and hang out with members of the corp. Seven or eight of us went out to some random belt out in the middle of nowhere and started this thing. We had 3-4 ventures mining, we talked our Orca pilot into showing up, and even had the Corp CEO out in her death dealing machine of badassery. Or as the Amarr call it, the Apocalypse. So we had firepower. All went well, until we were left with only two support frigs for the three ventures that were mining, then it became AWESOME! I was still flying AlienArt and one of the Indy guys was flying her Gallente brother-ship, which I cant remember the name of right now. So we had two Logi frigs and three miners... Oh and did I mention the only damage we had in the whole fleet was a single Drone? yea we got ambushed by a trio of rats looking for an easy kill. Well due to the fact that non-capsuleer rats are ralatively dumb (though recently they have started to actually learn and adapt in combat, which is new and exciting), I started repping one of the ventures and the other logi since they were both taking damage. Shortly thereafter, all thnree rats decided I was in their way. My shields dropped dramatically. I shot a message in comsfor the other logi to target me and be ready to rep as soon as I hit armor. I did hit armor, and he came to the rescue with his drone blaring and taking the rats down one by one. We almost lost the drone in the battle as I didnt think about the fact that it would be taking damage now (The other logi had his armor rep on it so it survived). All in all though all five ships survived with barely a scratch on them afterwards. So needless to say, I have developed a healthy respect and awe for Logi ships. I will probably be training the Amarr one soon so I have armor rep in my arsenal as well.

Thats all for now Im tired and need a few drinks....

~Cyanide Jester
Fly Dangerous My Friends!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

After a Long Hiatus

The real question you should be asking, is not "Where have you been?" but "Have you actually been gone at all?"

In reality I have been pretty much absent. Due to projects for work and a chunk of time without Internet that would support my pixelated spaceships.. I have been away. But training has continued the whole time! Anyhow I'M back and let me give you a few updates of the last few days.

First off, Selena. Selena has decided to take her own extended break from the life of the capsuleer. She pretty much liquidated everything she owns and gave it to me. So I have a bill and a half in ISK. Woot!

Secondly Pirating. Unfortunately when I returned I realized that with my skills Im not really in a position to do a whole lot of pirating right now. Also playing Solo (now that Selena is gone) is generally fairly boring. If I don't have a chat open with people I can make fun of at a rapid rate of fire.. I'm not yet entertained. So I joined a corp... an Anti-Pie corp at that. A friend of mine was a member so I figured I would join and play with him.

Thirdly, the new Corp. I honestly cannot remember the name of it off hand... but I will look it up later and fix my info on the blog. Anyhow it is a young corp built as a playground for newbs. Like literally. There are maybe 4-5 experienced players on there, and just about the rest of the 40 something odd players are like.. a couple weeks old.. MAX. So its been fun. Ive only been a member for like 2-3 days and Ive gone from a lonely capsuleer just looking for people to talk to, to being two rank slots below the CEO and pretty much running the corp as a whole. Technically I am only the Second-In-Command of the Security Division, but in reality I fill the Sec Div's command role.

The management of the Corp is horrid.. The CEO is a really laid back guy, which I am cool with, but when he blows off members or just accepts their application then ignores them, that is a problem. Which started an interesting convo between me and one of the other experience players yesterday. CEO has pretty much given the Officers free run of the corp, granted we still need to get him to do admin shit for the corp, but hey who actually wants to do that anyway? So he serves his purpose. For now. I am trying to kickstart the corp as a whole and get it running smoothly and efficiently right now.

Now that the boring stuff is complete let us move onto the behind the scenes stuff that is REALLY going on. I am moving up the ranks of the corp for a reason, and not just to fill the vacuum of leadership left behind by the CEO. I have a dual-purpose with this which should be interesting to see played out. (Remember, my pirating days are not over, they are merely... postponed, if you will.) I wont spoil all the details now as who knows who reads these. Perhaps someone in the corp?

~Cyanide Jester
Fly Dangerous My Friends