Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PVP Itch and My return to Cyanide

So I was out in Delve today on Selena. When a buddy of mine was heading out in his bomber to see what trouble he could stir. Now I havent flown my hound in months, shes been pretty much collecting dust in Hek with the occassional mission or two. So I figured, "What the heck? I have missed flying her more then pretty much anything so I'll tag along."

We headed out to providence, through Sev space where I almost became a member through an old corp. Ran into am alliance I hadn't seen before personally. Of Sound Mind. Went hunting around the system and happened to stop at a plent where I met a besty collecting from the customs office. So I watched. he warped off, then warped back in, then an Itty VI followed suit... brought in my fellow bomber and a few moments later the besty went pop, Itty got away by the skin of his teeth though. Doubt Ill see it on BC, nor do I know how to update that myself, but Ill keep checking.

Due to a lack in judgement however we stuck around, fell to the bait of a procuror sitting in belt nice and cozy... and my buddy lost his nemesis.  I got away fine and we decided to call it a night.

Verdict? I still love Stealth Bombers to fucking death. One of my favorite boats in the game honestly. Wish I flew them more. Out in 0.0 however, IRC used SB's to help POS bash too much and got entirely too bored of 0.0. Maybe my interest shall return...

Fly Dangerous

~The Cyanide Pirate

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lowsec+Ransom+TS+Barbie Song= Lasting Friendships

So Ive seen videos of guys who do this before, and I literally died watching them. However, yesterday was the first time it happened to me. I was out in Amarrian lowsec with my newly purchased Procuror to go pick up some Jaspet for the corp (and for myself). Well, that was on one screen, the other screen I was hauling ore around for the corp mining ops and such. Mistake number one: Splitting my attention while in lowsec. I've lived in lowsec. This should never have happened to me to begin with, but I am actually glad it did.

A couple missed D-scans and a little too attention applied to the hauling and an Algos had me scrammed. Off went my worthless Hobgob I's and I sat there trying to burn to a gate that was like 8AU from my current location at approximately 100m/s. I wasn't going to survive this. I knew it, they knew it. So they posted in local (Paraphrased)

C: Sing barbie girl in our TS and we will let you go.
Me: Really?
Me: Fuck yea
C: Recall your drones.
P: TS info is ******
Me: Alright I'm on.

They brought me into the channel of their TS and started recording. They said they only wanted a verse and that would be good enough. I sang the entire chorus with all the oohs and aaahs of Barbie in the background. Laughs were had and my procuror survived. Good chaps and they honored their word.

Afterwards P actually set me as Good Standing with their entire alliance (who pretty much lives around that system) so I can mine to my hearts content essentially around there.

Anyway, good guys and bugs have been placed about joining their alliance. So no more specific info I like my mining spot yall can't have it. :P

Fly Dangerous

~Cyanide Jester

Friday, January 18, 2013

Local; To Keep or not to Keep?

This has been in progress for like 2 days... Im lazy and I procrastinate, leave me alone...

Didn't realize there was a Blog Banter up about this till after I posted it. So here is the link for those interested parties.

Let me cover another big topic springing up recently in the blogs. Ive read three blog posts about it just in the last few days. Sugar commented on it, so did Drackarn, as well as Logan over at the Opportunist. All of them make good points and for the majority of it, I agree with most of what they say. However I think I need to fully explain how I see this topic.

Local is NOT broken.
Local is functional just the way it is.
The only marginal advantage anyone has over anyone with local chat are those currently in that system (defenders). This isn't going to change.

Local has been used for years as a source of instant intel gathering and a way to connect with new people. The spectrum of its uses it directly correlated with the three sections of K-Space. 0.0 Uses local primarily and pretty much exclusively as a way to gather intel. Low-sec uses it to both gather intel and to chit chat with other players in system. High-sec uses it primarily as a way to connect with people in system (with some use as intel as well).

Point 1: Removing local with turn EVE into a darkened hallway. Sugar pointed this out in their post specifically. Local chat gives people more of a sense of 'togetherness'. It proves in a very tangible way that other players exist and you are not alone in this game. It is a great way to make new friends and make connections that can last throughout your EVE career. This is primarily in Highsec and also some in Lowsec as well.

Point 2: Removing local makes roams harder and much more time consuming. Without the ability to just check local and get an idea of the current population of the system and whether or not you will get any useful targets in that system. Remove local and now they have to sit and spend 5-10 minutes scanning down the system to see if there is any worth while targets or ANYONE even there. Thereby extending the amount of time needed to even go on a roam and making it more difficult to plan out long roams already.

Point 3: This one is 0.0 specific. Lets say you are a 0.0 pilot out running an anomaly. Your fit up in your PVE ship of mass NPC destruction simply owning everything. You check d-scan every few minutes to make sure no one is around and trying to warp in on you. Then suddenly BAM a BS fleet jumps onto your location with no warning whatsoever and you are thereby locked, pointed, and killed. Unbeknown to you they had a recon pilot scouting you out while you were missioning and you didn't even know there was anyone else in system. Had local still existed, you would have known of the hostile and been able to fit into a PVP ship and alert your fellow corp/alliance members thereby starting a mass engagement with lots of epic pewpewing on either side. So yea, take away local and your left with 0.0 ganking running rampant.

Point 4: Replacing local. Out of all the suggestions for merely altering or replacing local, I have yet to find one I actually like. I won't go over the different suggestions made thus far as you can check out the posts I linked above and pretty much find them all there. All of them include extending the amount of time necessary for checking out a system, as well as making it more difficult at the same time.

Point 5: CCP is going to be having a hard enough time juggling DUST into their mixture of juggling balls right now, that pissing people off by not changing local properly or by changing local period will definitely cause amongst the player base. You drop local and you might make a quarter of the EVE population happy, but what about the other 75% that wanted it changed differently? Or that wanted it to remain the same? or the newbies who show up and suddenly they don't know how to converse with people near them in an easy and obvious manner?

This is all opinion and speculation but that is how I see the Broken Local Issue. SO until I finish writing up my next post (which will be like a book)...

Fly Dangerous!

~The Cyanide Pirate

Invention of the Week

This post has NOTHING to do with EVE, but it is completely relevant in everyday life. My invention nominated for the week is Safety Pins.

Let me tell you why. My job has very, and I mean extremely, strict uniform standards. Such that I get yelled at when my pant legs are too long. Last week that is exactly what took place. I was told to get it fixed by today. Now, me being a very lazy person, and not wanting to spend money on a uniform I'm only going to be wearing for another couple months. So I procrastinated until right before work this morning when it suddenly hit me I needed to fix them still.

My solution: Go to the store, spend 2 bucks on a sewing kit with 5 safety pins in it. Cuff my pant legs and safety pin them together. Absolutely genius. I love saftey pins and I feel like they are undervalued and under appreciated.


Anyway I still need to finish my post about local chat I've had sitting as a draft for a couple days now...

~Fly Dangerous

The Cyanide Pirate

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Sandbox

This post will be different, and rare as far as the content included within it. I have spent the last oh 12 hrs contemplating the EVE Universe and my personal place within it. I have spent nearly a year playing in the infinite sandbox known as New Eden and I have yet to unlock many of its deeper a more fascinating mysteries. I am also barred from opening certain doors within the game simply due to my own personality and views. For example. I will never be an exploration pilot. I love exploration pilots, don't get me wrong. They have their purpose in the universe and I praise them for being able to do it. However, as far as I am concerned, scanning is the Devil. I simply do not have that kind of patience, which is weird when you think about it.

However that is not the topic of my discussion. A lot of my time has been pondering the whole New Order problem. The current answer to N.O. is to shoot down the gankers before they shoot down the miners. This will help save the miners from losing ships, but it does nothing to further the end of N.O.

Suicide gankers go into the fight knowing they will lose their ship. In fact they count on it before they even decide to join the ganking fleet. So what good does it really do to blow them up before CONCORD does? It simply saves the miner being targeted. That is it. The gankers will still go out and refit their ganking catalyst and go out to do it again.

So how does one combat such desicive and suicidal behaviors? You hit them where it actually hurts. As many know, James 315 prides himself in flying an indestructible Stabber. For those who dont know, a staber is a T1 Minmatar cruiser. Obviously this ship is fit out full tank. Agents of N.O. who ride in stabbers also fit it full tank as I said. The exact fit I am not fully aware of yet, but am working towards aquiring in the near future. So why do I bring these stabbers up? Well, I can guarantee you they are expensive fits. Which is why they protect them by not ever engaging them in any real combat. These ships are used for bumping and for cleaning up the wreckage after a successful gank. Now imagine what would happen if one were to bring down an "Invincible Stabber"? You begin to work away at the foundation of N.O.s hope. Agents put a lot of reliance and trust in the fits of their stabbers to be able to deal with most anything that comes at them. So if one were to prove that these stabbers are in fact NOT invicible and do this repetitively, you begin to wear away at what they put hope in. What would be even more helpful is if one were to take down the Stabber of James himself. This would greatly help to weaken the resolve of those who trust in him and would greatly bolster the hopes of those who fight against him.

This is a common tactic employed by many forces accross the world and accross New Eden. If you can destroy what they place their hope in you destroy their resolve. Examples can include everything from Ghengis Khan to the destruction of a 0.0 fleet's alternating triaged carriers. This also a tactic I employ at every turn. However I take it one step further and create the object of hope. Then destroy it before their very eyes and take the spoils of war before biding them farewell.

By the way and off topic another thing that sprang up in my head alittle while ago was that with the change in style and topics of the blog my views on EVE itself have changed. For a long time I have considered myself a noob in EVE. I based this solely on how many kills I had aquired. I dont have many, on any of my toons. Also, none of them are solo, and about half pof them are blob fleets vs POS. So as far as I am concerned with the PVP realm of things. Im a nub. However with the changes made in the last couple days to my blog it has shifted this view. I can now take somehting in which I do have a bit or experience in, even outside of EVE and in other games I've played before, and use it to my advantage. I now have a real purpose in life that can be used to increase my profit margin in the game and allow me to play longer without interruption. Winning!

Anyway, Serpentis is once again trying to test the tank on this Venture, even though they are rarely ever successful. So let me go deal with them while I come up with something worthwhile to write about.

Fly Dangerous!

~The Cyanide Pirate

Friday, January 11, 2013

The New Order for High-Sec

So there's this thing that has been running around High-sec for months now. Some of you may have heard of it, others may not have. That 'thing' is the New Order of Highsec (NO). Here is the link to their blog

This group is lead by John 315 who has self titled himself "The Savior of Highsec". For those of you who have never heard of The New Order let me give you the basic run down. NO 'Agents' will bump AFK/bot miners (heretofore mentioned as an AFKer). This is only the minutest of issues however. Granted an AFKer who becomes bumped away from a roid is no longer mining and is merely sitting in space.This only postpones a AFKers activities for however long it takes the miner to realise and go back to the roid. The biggest problem many people have with NO is their extensive use of what many EVE players refer to as Suicide ganking.

Suicide ganking is where a group of PVP pilots get together with high dps ships and will fire on some misfortunate soul and have enough dps to kill them before CONCORD shows up on scene to kill the aggressors. This is a very well used practice for NO operatives. John 315 then demands an ISK payment of 10mill for a year long 'Mining Permit' to protect you from their own people (which they can choose to ignore the fact you have one btw).

Sound bad so far? Well to get John's perspective on it go read his blog which I linked above. Me, however, his blog just makes the miner in me seethe.

I take two approaches to finding a good personal feeling for John and his New Order. The first is that of the Miner. As you may notice in my last post I now have an industry related toon. So from the perspective of someone who goes out sets a miner to a belt launches drones then tabs over to my other toons to go pew pew or work my espionage magic, I have a problem with these guys. They are a direct threat to my safety, and ultimately my profit.

The second is as if I am merely reading this as a story. Here I don't mind what John is doing and I actually like it. He has created this character, or persona if you will, of an individual who believes that what he is doing is for the good of everyone, even though from others perspectives it is harmful and damaging to the community. He is fantastic at remaining in character during all of this as well. So for that part, I applaud him, but I won't buy his permit.

So now for the good news. There is currently a group of pilots who are working to counter NO's activities. They patrol around highsec looking for NO Agents and working to bring them down before a miner is lost. However, they have been only marginally successful. This is on par with a group of native American Indians fighting against the British Army, or like John Connor facing down Skynet single handedly. He might have a few good things on his side, and he may have a good drive and a damned good reason for doing it, but that doesnt mean he is guaranteed success.

Enter CTU.

A Counter Terrorist Unit is currently in development to combat NO and their work. I can't tell you too much just yet but know it is happening. No will have a serious threat in the (hopefully) near future. If you have questions or comments you may speak with me in my public chat in-game or bug me in my public C3 channel.

Until then, Fly Dangerous

The Cyanide Pirate

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Drastic Change in this Blog. Kinda

So those of you who bother to check once in a while (which is no one) will notice, the toon Cyanide Jester has been biomassed. Why you ask? That is simple. As I referred to gently in my previous posts I had something planned for SGS for their gracious gift of Director roles. However, I need to explain further.

A couple weeks after I joined SGS one of the senior experienced members told the corp he was going to quit. So I private convo'd him. After about 20 minutes of talking about what he didn't like about the corp I 'hinted' that the corp chain of command was going to change. I essentially brought him in on a little idea that had been running through my head ever since SGS gave me the officer title. The corp CEO at the time was a new player. He had been playing for a couple months and had originally started the corp with a few friends of his that he started playing with. They had all left so he opened it up to all new players. He had no idea what he was getting into. He understood just enough of the game to not get lost in its intricacy, but wasn't fully aware of the deeper more sinister portions of EVE.

Well the days dragged on and two more experienced players joined. We will call them M and P to make things short, though anyone affiliated with SGS will know who they are. Well after prolly a week or so I had grown disheartened by the lack of movement space I had to do what I wanted, and the lack of benefit I would gain from what I had planned. You see, Im not a leadership role kind of person. I can do it, and can be successful at doing it, but I don't really enjoy it further then what I can gain from it. So I decided to leave SGS, I was literally hours away from the completion of my Corp stasis when I began talking with M. A short conversation with him and I realised that he had nearly the exact same thoughts I had about the corp. This was great news and heightened my enthusiasm. As this was my first attempt at this he guided me through a few steps on what to do or not do while setting the pieces in place for what was planned.

This drug slowly on in the background for another week or so. I had gotten M and P Officer roles in the corp through a war-dec that we had received. (Which btw cost P like 40bill ISK to clear away) Anyhow they took a greater role in leading the corp and furthering the agenda. Part of this included stocking the corp hangar and corp wallet. Well, being the resourceful individual that I am, I had a plan. Fuck trying to take over the corporation at all. This was a waste of time. With M and P in leadership positions it was only a matter of time before one of them became CEO (Which P did hours before I left officially). I decided to cash in my chips and call it a day. I emptied the corp wallet and the corp hangars into my own personal belongings and removed my roles, thereby entering corp stasis again. 24 hours. A full day that I needed to wait out before I could officially leave the corp. So I logged off and bided my time.

I watched EVEmon during the time I was away to see if they would mail me of anything about it. Nothing. I waited an extra day, still nothing. So I logged in. Immediately M and P began asking questions. I ignored them and went about my business of getting things moved out of the system so I could sell them. I then logged again.

The next day I logged in to check on the toon and my corp status. They had removed me from corp. I however had walked away with approximately 2.3 billion worth of ISK and assets. A win in my books.

So I made the decision I would Biomass Cyanide Jester as Espionage of this sort attracts attention and I do not want too much attention attributed to my name. I transferred everything off the toon and terminated it.

Is this my last blog post? Hell no. Ill be keeping an eye on this blog more often now then I have the last few days. I wont be telling you my new account/toon name to protect my privacy during espionage missions. I will be keeping you updated on things. Also the C3 channel and the Public chat will still be open. The non-espionage related account I will e using in that chat will be Duke Ferret so if you want to say hello you may. Or if you would like to tell me what a good job I did, or perhaps want to deride me and tell me that players like me are why EVE loses players. Well let me tell you something. It is players like me that show people how important the rules of EVE are.

Rule Number 1: Only fly what you are willing to lose.

The second rule is crucial especially to new players. This is what I exist for. teaching people this rule. So keep tuned, I will be doing things like this like clockwork if I can. But until then.

Fly Dangerous!

The Cyanide Pirate

Sunday, January 6, 2013


So I created a C3 server... Its free and all you know and Im stingy with my money and such. if you wanna hop in and say hello its The Cyanide Pirate. Its a public server so your free to hop in