Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lowsec+Ransom+TS+Barbie Song= Lasting Friendships

So Ive seen videos of guys who do this before, and I literally died watching them. However, yesterday was the first time it happened to me. I was out in Amarrian lowsec with my newly purchased Procuror to go pick up some Jaspet for the corp (and for myself). Well, that was on one screen, the other screen I was hauling ore around for the corp mining ops and such. Mistake number one: Splitting my attention while in lowsec. I've lived in lowsec. This should never have happened to me to begin with, but I am actually glad it did.

A couple missed D-scans and a little too attention applied to the hauling and an Algos had me scrammed. Off went my worthless Hobgob I's and I sat there trying to burn to a gate that was like 8AU from my current location at approximately 100m/s. I wasn't going to survive this. I knew it, they knew it. So they posted in local (Paraphrased)

C: Sing barbie girl in our TS and we will let you go.
Me: Really?
Me: Fuck yea
C: Recall your drones.
P: TS info is ******
Me: Alright I'm on.

They brought me into the channel of their TS and started recording. They said they only wanted a verse and that would be good enough. I sang the entire chorus with all the oohs and aaahs of Barbie in the background. Laughs were had and my procuror survived. Good chaps and they honored their word.

Afterwards P actually set me as Good Standing with their entire alliance (who pretty much lives around that system) so I can mine to my hearts content essentially around there.

Anyway, good guys and bugs have been placed about joining their alliance. So no more specific info I like my mining spot yall can't have it. :P

Fly Dangerous

~Cyanide Jester


  1. Heh, small world :)

    And you knew the song! When the boys told me about it afterwards (I still hang out in some of their chats), my first question was "What is 'Barbie Girl'?"

    1. LOL Small world indeed. I would love to hear the recording later on, if you can talk them into it ;P

    2. Of course they put the recording online!


    3. Hell yes. I will be saving that one. lol By the way. I lost that procuror last night.

  2. I am not sure if I would sing or rather die (ingame). Got a friend that has the CD...
    Same singer with a less poppy sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls0WfopgR9k