Monday, January 14, 2013

The Sandbox

This post will be different, and rare as far as the content included within it. I have spent the last oh 12 hrs contemplating the EVE Universe and my personal place within it. I have spent nearly a year playing in the infinite sandbox known as New Eden and I have yet to unlock many of its deeper a more fascinating mysteries. I am also barred from opening certain doors within the game simply due to my own personality and views. For example. I will never be an exploration pilot. I love exploration pilots, don't get me wrong. They have their purpose in the universe and I praise them for being able to do it. However, as far as I am concerned, scanning is the Devil. I simply do not have that kind of patience, which is weird when you think about it.

However that is not the topic of my discussion. A lot of my time has been pondering the whole New Order problem. The current answer to N.O. is to shoot down the gankers before they shoot down the miners. This will help save the miners from losing ships, but it does nothing to further the end of N.O.

Suicide gankers go into the fight knowing they will lose their ship. In fact they count on it before they even decide to join the ganking fleet. So what good does it really do to blow them up before CONCORD does? It simply saves the miner being targeted. That is it. The gankers will still go out and refit their ganking catalyst and go out to do it again.

So how does one combat such desicive and suicidal behaviors? You hit them where it actually hurts. As many know, James 315 prides himself in flying an indestructible Stabber. For those who dont know, a staber is a T1 Minmatar cruiser. Obviously this ship is fit out full tank. Agents of N.O. who ride in stabbers also fit it full tank as I said. The exact fit I am not fully aware of yet, but am working towards aquiring in the near future. So why do I bring these stabbers up? Well, I can guarantee you they are expensive fits. Which is why they protect them by not ever engaging them in any real combat. These ships are used for bumping and for cleaning up the wreckage after a successful gank. Now imagine what would happen if one were to bring down an "Invincible Stabber"? You begin to work away at the foundation of N.O.s hope. Agents put a lot of reliance and trust in the fits of their stabbers to be able to deal with most anything that comes at them. So if one were to prove that these stabbers are in fact NOT invicible and do this repetitively, you begin to wear away at what they put hope in. What would be even more helpful is if one were to take down the Stabber of James himself. This would greatly help to weaken the resolve of those who trust in him and would greatly bolster the hopes of those who fight against him.

This is a common tactic employed by many forces accross the world and accross New Eden. If you can destroy what they place their hope in you destroy their resolve. Examples can include everything from Ghengis Khan to the destruction of a 0.0 fleet's alternating triaged carriers. This also a tactic I employ at every turn. However I take it one step further and create the object of hope. Then destroy it before their very eyes and take the spoils of war before biding them farewell.

By the way and off topic another thing that sprang up in my head alittle while ago was that with the change in style and topics of the blog my views on EVE itself have changed. For a long time I have considered myself a noob in EVE. I based this solely on how many kills I had aquired. I dont have many, on any of my toons. Also, none of them are solo, and about half pof them are blob fleets vs POS. So as far as I am concerned with the PVP realm of things. Im a nub. However with the changes made in the last couple days to my blog it has shifted this view. I can now take somehting in which I do have a bit or experience in, even outside of EVE and in other games I've played before, and use it to my advantage. I now have a real purpose in life that can be used to increase my profit margin in the game and allow me to play longer without interruption. Winning!

Anyway, Serpentis is once again trying to test the tank on this Venture, even though they are rarely ever successful. So let me go deal with them while I come up with something worthwhile to write about.

Fly Dangerous!

~The Cyanide Pirate


  1. Previously the NO was immune to wardecs because James would simply disband his corp and reform, winning the isk war.
    Now there is the CODE alliance with 3 corps in it. He probably won't disband and reform that since it's used for logistics and alliance contracts I think?

    Killing his 'invincible' stabber will always result in victory for him. If you manage to kill him he will claim the isk victory since to kill him you need to spend more time and/or isk as he will lose.
    It's unlikely you can win an economic victory and you can't really win an argument against people like him. He can always come up with a reason why you lost the time/isk war.

    1. Following that logic there is merely one thing left to do. One would need to get a person on the inside, find their biggest weakness in structure and exploit the hell out of it. How effective this would be I don't know as I haven't gotten inside NO yet, and frankly am still deciding if I want to put for the effort to even do so.