Friday, January 18, 2013

Invention of the Week

This post has NOTHING to do with EVE, but it is completely relevant in everyday life. My invention nominated for the week is Safety Pins.

Let me tell you why. My job has very, and I mean extremely, strict uniform standards. Such that I get yelled at when my pant legs are too long. Last week that is exactly what took place. I was told to get it fixed by today. Now, me being a very lazy person, and not wanting to spend money on a uniform I'm only going to be wearing for another couple months. So I procrastinated until right before work this morning when it suddenly hit me I needed to fix them still.

My solution: Go to the store, spend 2 bucks on a sewing kit with 5 safety pins in it. Cuff my pant legs and safety pin them together. Absolutely genius. I love saftey pins and I feel like they are undervalued and under appreciated.


Anyway I still need to finish my post about local chat I've had sitting as a draft for a couple days now...

~Fly Dangerous

The Cyanide Pirate

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