Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Drastic Change in this Blog. Kinda

So those of you who bother to check once in a while (which is no one) will notice, the toon Cyanide Jester has been biomassed. Why you ask? That is simple. As I referred to gently in my previous posts I had something planned for SGS for their gracious gift of Director roles. However, I need to explain further.

A couple weeks after I joined SGS one of the senior experienced members told the corp he was going to quit. So I private convo'd him. After about 20 minutes of talking about what he didn't like about the corp I 'hinted' that the corp chain of command was going to change. I essentially brought him in on a little idea that had been running through my head ever since SGS gave me the officer title. The corp CEO at the time was a new player. He had been playing for a couple months and had originally started the corp with a few friends of his that he started playing with. They had all left so he opened it up to all new players. He had no idea what he was getting into. He understood just enough of the game to not get lost in its intricacy, but wasn't fully aware of the deeper more sinister portions of EVE.

Well the days dragged on and two more experienced players joined. We will call them M and P to make things short, though anyone affiliated with SGS will know who they are. Well after prolly a week or so I had grown disheartened by the lack of movement space I had to do what I wanted, and the lack of benefit I would gain from what I had planned. You see, Im not a leadership role kind of person. I can do it, and can be successful at doing it, but I don't really enjoy it further then what I can gain from it. So I decided to leave SGS, I was literally hours away from the completion of my Corp stasis when I began talking with M. A short conversation with him and I realised that he had nearly the exact same thoughts I had about the corp. This was great news and heightened my enthusiasm. As this was my first attempt at this he guided me through a few steps on what to do or not do while setting the pieces in place for what was planned.

This drug slowly on in the background for another week or so. I had gotten M and P Officer roles in the corp through a war-dec that we had received. (Which btw cost P like 40bill ISK to clear away) Anyhow they took a greater role in leading the corp and furthering the agenda. Part of this included stocking the corp hangar and corp wallet. Well, being the resourceful individual that I am, I had a plan. Fuck trying to take over the corporation at all. This was a waste of time. With M and P in leadership positions it was only a matter of time before one of them became CEO (Which P did hours before I left officially). I decided to cash in my chips and call it a day. I emptied the corp wallet and the corp hangars into my own personal belongings and removed my roles, thereby entering corp stasis again. 24 hours. A full day that I needed to wait out before I could officially leave the corp. So I logged off and bided my time.

I watched EVEmon during the time I was away to see if they would mail me of anything about it. Nothing. I waited an extra day, still nothing. So I logged in. Immediately M and P began asking questions. I ignored them and went about my business of getting things moved out of the system so I could sell them. I then logged again.

The next day I logged in to check on the toon and my corp status. They had removed me from corp. I however had walked away with approximately 2.3 billion worth of ISK and assets. A win in my books.

So I made the decision I would Biomass Cyanide Jester as Espionage of this sort attracts attention and I do not want too much attention attributed to my name. I transferred everything off the toon and terminated it.

Is this my last blog post? Hell no. Ill be keeping an eye on this blog more often now then I have the last few days. I wont be telling you my new account/toon name to protect my privacy during espionage missions. I will be keeping you updated on things. Also the C3 channel and the Public chat will still be open. The non-espionage related account I will e using in that chat will be Duke Ferret so if you want to say hello you may. Or if you would like to tell me what a good job I did, or perhaps want to deride me and tell me that players like me are why EVE loses players. Well let me tell you something. It is players like me that show people how important the rules of EVE are.

Rule Number 1: Only fly what you are willing to lose.

The second rule is crucial especially to new players. This is what I exist for. teaching people this rule. So keep tuned, I will be doing things like this like clockwork if I can. But until then.

Fly Dangerous!

The Cyanide Pirate


  1. Bravo, good gent. Some white collar Eve Online crime in the form of embezzlement.

  2. Rofl. And don't make any synth drugs for you. Fortunately, I have other buyers. :)

    1. Ah damned it.. I completely forgot about that. I may still have need for it though with one of my newer toons.