Friday, January 11, 2013

The New Order for High-Sec

So there's this thing that has been running around High-sec for months now. Some of you may have heard of it, others may not have. That 'thing' is the New Order of Highsec (NO). Here is the link to their blog

This group is lead by John 315 who has self titled himself "The Savior of Highsec". For those of you who have never heard of The New Order let me give you the basic run down. NO 'Agents' will bump AFK/bot miners (heretofore mentioned as an AFKer). This is only the minutest of issues however. Granted an AFKer who becomes bumped away from a roid is no longer mining and is merely sitting in space.This only postpones a AFKers activities for however long it takes the miner to realise and go back to the roid. The biggest problem many people have with NO is their extensive use of what many EVE players refer to as Suicide ganking.

Suicide ganking is where a group of PVP pilots get together with high dps ships and will fire on some misfortunate soul and have enough dps to kill them before CONCORD shows up on scene to kill the aggressors. This is a very well used practice for NO operatives. John 315 then demands an ISK payment of 10mill for a year long 'Mining Permit' to protect you from their own people (which they can choose to ignore the fact you have one btw).

Sound bad so far? Well to get John's perspective on it go read his blog which I linked above. Me, however, his blog just makes the miner in me seethe.

I take two approaches to finding a good personal feeling for John and his New Order. The first is that of the Miner. As you may notice in my last post I now have an industry related toon. So from the perspective of someone who goes out sets a miner to a belt launches drones then tabs over to my other toons to go pew pew or work my espionage magic, I have a problem with these guys. They are a direct threat to my safety, and ultimately my profit.

The second is as if I am merely reading this as a story. Here I don't mind what John is doing and I actually like it. He has created this character, or persona if you will, of an individual who believes that what he is doing is for the good of everyone, even though from others perspectives it is harmful and damaging to the community. He is fantastic at remaining in character during all of this as well. So for that part, I applaud him, but I won't buy his permit.

So now for the good news. There is currently a group of pilots who are working to counter NO's activities. They patrol around highsec looking for NO Agents and working to bring them down before a miner is lost. However, they have been only marginally successful. This is on par with a group of native American Indians fighting against the British Army, or like John Connor facing down Skynet single handedly. He might have a few good things on his side, and he may have a good drive and a damned good reason for doing it, but that doesnt mean he is guaranteed success.

Enter CTU.

A Counter Terrorist Unit is currently in development to combat NO and their work. I can't tell you too much just yet but know it is happening. No will have a serious threat in the (hopefully) near future. If you have questions or comments you may speak with me in my public chat in-game or bug me in my public C3 channel.

Until then, Fly Dangerous

The Cyanide Pirate


  1. I found the minerbumping site entertaining at first but he's just another roleplayer ganking people that don't pay his extortion fee.

    I am not sure it's even possible to win the isk war against high sec terrorists like that. Good luck in trying though.

    1. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that I am directly impacted by the existence of NO I wouldn't care any further then following it like a stry unfolding to see what happens.