Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Resistance is Futile

So the last couple days have been interesting. So we shall break it up into different parts this time to explain it.

Firstly, the High-Sec Corp. Silver Ghost Soldiers. That is the corp I joined to use while I get my skills up. Things are progressing smoothly. As a Captain I am effectively two steps below the CEO, so I have a bit of pull with how things get run. Just last night I was given Director rights to the corporation, so my reach within the corp is nearly limitless. The only thing that awaits is time. As well as a few helping hands. On a sidenote, why did they see fit to allow CEO's and Directors the ability to see what other members have in their personal hangar? I mean its interesting and all, but what prompted that permission? There are a handful of good PVPer's in the corp so I will have to work out a way to get them on my side as swiftly as possible, which shouldn't be too hard.

Second, Ships. Osprey. I've finally got a decent fit going for my Osprey even though it still needs some work. I have to run too many cap rechargers/cap relays to keep it stable with one transporter going. At the moment, I am working on getting the tank on it to something a little better. I fit Tech 2 extenders on it finally and am working towards the Tech 2 Invuln. Once that is complete I will need to decide what rigs I want to fit to it. Shield? Capacitor? Either way I have a couple days to decide for sure. Once that is complete I need to get my electronics skills up higher. Fiddling with all these knobs and such is time consuming and I can't quite get enough out of it for what I want. Next is drones. I would like to get some good drones going. Not sure if I want combat drones, or repair drones yet, but like I said before, I have plenty of time.

Other then that life has been slow. Ive started spot checking survivability of the members the last couple days. Ill go find one of them, and in my newly fit Meta 4 Condor, Ill long point them and then plink away at their ship to see if they can respond in time, or if they cannot deal with it, then comm over a member who can and get them out to the rescue.

Fly Dangerous!
Cyanide Jester

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