Thursday, September 13, 2012


Nothing really happened today. I spent the last of the ISK Selena sent me buying most of the T2 modules for my new Condor class frigate. Its going to look quite nice when its complete, and have a good kick behind it. Unfortunately however. Its still a frigate, therefore its hull it abaout as thin as paper... So I'm taking precautions to keep it intact through out the day. Though I haven't taken it out on any pie yet, I'm waiting until I have these modules fitted and functioning. My hangar crew tells me it's going to be a few days to a wekk before it is complete. Why do new things always have to take so long...

In other news, Selena has apparently made the long trip through enemy space and is now naught but a handful of jumps from me. She said she left her Hurricane class battlecruiser in nullsec and is probably going to sell it off or something, I don't know for sure.

I also ran into a pilot who went through capsuleer training at the same time as me. He is Gallente born, but has taken a huge interest in Caldari ships. I think he is flying a Merlin class frigate currently. He seems like a possibility to assist me in some pirating at some point, but for now, he stays in highsec... pussy male. Wonder what good he will be in a dog fight anyhow...

Wel thats all for today. I think Im going to head down to the lower decks of the station and bask in the glory of the way people look at me as I walk by. There's this really good resteraunt down there though.

Cyanide Jester - Fly Dangerous My Friends

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