Monday, September 10, 2012

A Note From The Player

So let me explain a little bit of background and why I started this blog up. First This is not my first character, nor my first account. This will make account number 2 and I have very specific plans for it, unlike I did for the first which turned into a mess of gabrly gook. But I still play on the other account because Im playin with a great group of guys, but they can't know about this character..... Not yet anyway. Currently this account is in the 14dayTrial thing. And if I cant get my bank card in time.. I may not be able to upgrade it until after the 14 days are up... here's hopin that doesnt happen.

I am a huge fan of roleplaying, and with how intensive and in-depth this game is, I feel like it makes the perfect breeding ground for a fun roleplay as my in game character. So here's to good times and a set of crossed fingers my bank card shows up in time!

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