Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Road to Capsuleer

Some people believe that the Minmatar had it the worst. What with being slaves to the Amarr for so long. However I disagree. And I am good friends with two Minmatar siblings. So I like to think I have a little to say about this. I am a freshly graduated Caldari Capsuleer and in my opinion. I am more of a slave then both of my friends combined. So let me explain my reasoning by telling you my story.

I was born in the Lactare system bordering Minmatar space. You may be looking at the New Eden map now and saying "But there is no Lactare system anywhere let alone in Caldari space." There is a story behind that and it plays into my own story.

I grew up with my family on Lactare III a relatively small temperate planet owned by the small Kaladisher Corporation. They were much more relaxed then most in the State. Due to our proximity to Minmatar space we kept ourselves on amiable terms with the Minmatar, we even had a sizable Minmatar population living amongst us.

At about the age of 16 my entire life changed. The Kaladisher Corp made enemies with Lai Dai, how and why I don't really know but the two didn't get along very well. So in about the 12th month of that year a sizable group of mercenary capsuleer's (supposedly hired my the Lai Dai) declared war on the entire system. I didn't realize this at the time, but the size of the Capsuleers fleet force must have been HUGE to take on such an undertaking. Well, not that huge. the kaladisher weren't that strong at the time. They were still a budding corporation on the path to greatness. Within 4 months the entire system was taken over. CONCORD could do nothing. Civilians were killed with impunity. I however snuck my way aboard a frigate owned by one of the mercs. An Executioner class frigate. So when the mercs destroyed the jump gate into the system I made it out alive.


Huddling amongst crates in the cargo hold of the Executioner class frigate, Helena waited. Hopeing beyond hopes that she would make it out alive. Suddenly a voice whispered from a speaker on the wall behind her. It was a female's voice, with a Minmatar accent.

"I know your there girl. Quit hiding and come out now."

Helena froze. How had she known? I know Ive hidden myself well... Out of pure shock she remained still, perhaps it was a bluff, maybe she wasn't talking to her. All of these hopes were shattered when a man walked around the crates holding a data pad in one hand.

"Stand up girl and come with me. The Cap'n knows your here so there's no point in hiding anymore." His tone seemed soft, the utter lack of hostility threw her off. How could one not be hostile to a stowaway from a system you just destroyed? 

She stood timidly and followed him threw the ship and led her onto the bridge. A small crew sat at terminals checking the screens and talking amongst themselves. All of them were dressed oddly for a ships crew. Casual flamboyant attire had found its way onto each of them. This was a stark contrast to the crisp uniforms she had seen on so many Caldari pilots. The man led her to a female who sat in what seemed to be the command chair. So this is a capsuleer. She thought. Though the woman was dressed just as obnoxiously as the rest of them she held herself a little higher then the rest. Helena quickly dropped her head in shame and stared at her own feet.

"Im sorry Miss Capsuleer.. I just .. I don't.. I wan.." She sounded completely stupid to herself and scolded her own tongue in her head.

The woman chuckled a bit and looked out to her crew. "Hear that boys? I've just been promoted to capsuleer! Who would have thought it would be that easy?" This brought on a loud wave of laughter from the crew, all of which were now focused on this stowaway little girl. "I ain't no capsuleer babe. But the real capsuleer wants to have a little chit chat with you. So why don't you come sit in my seat and have a looksie at the real captain of this ship."

Helena timidly sat down, mostly out of fear of upsetting the woman if she did not comply. In front of her was a holoscreen and portrayed there was a very mean looking woman with an awkward smile on her face. Helena opened her mouth to give her apology to the captain but the woman shook her head and held out a hand to stop her.

"I know why your here. You saw an escape from death and took it. That's understandable for someone of your... status, if you will." The woman was calm and friendly about the whole thing, which still seemed odd to Helena. "What's your name girl?"

Helena choked on her words for a moment and decided that compliance was probably the best idea. "H..Helena Ma'am."

"Now there's no need to call me ma'am. Call me Selena Its my name, so might as well use it. So Helena. What did you plan on doing once you snuck aboard my ship?"

"I.. I didn't know Ma-Selena.... Ma'am. I just didn't want to die."

Selena amiled a bit. "Well I've gotten in contact with a special friend of mine over in the Caldari military. So I have a couple options I can give you. The first, I can drop you off at a Caldari station where you can go about your business and make your own life. The second, You can stay here with me as a crew member of my ship." Helena's eyes lit up at the prospect of living in space. "Or My third and Final option, which involves my Caldari friend. I can pass you into his custody and have you signed up to become a Capsuleer yourself. If of course you can pass the tests."

She was speechless, her? Become a capsuleer?! It was an opportunity she had NEVER dreamed of in a million years... However, there was one question on her mind.

"Miss Selena.. why would you do something like that for me? A simple Caldari girl?"

"Helena, I have been a capsuleer for a good amount of time. I have grown bored with the usual wait for a contract and carry it out then collect the Kredits.I have grander schemes in mind. I will put you through Capsuleer training, if you come find me afterwards so I can teach the real business and we can work together on this. Deal?"

Helena merely nodded, too dumbfounded to speak.


And it was thus that I got the chance to become a capsuleer. I changed my name from helena to Cyanide Jester to finalize my new life. Well, here I am. Freshly graduated from Capsuleer training and out in space by myself. I haven't yet gone out to see Selena yet, she moved out of high-sec and is now living in the far reaches of null, many many grueling jumps away from me. However we still keep in touch. She wants me to stay in High-sec until I can fly something which would survive out in the dangers of null.

Now you may have noticed that I haven't explained my first point. Caldari are more slaves then Minmatar. The Minmatar race was physically enslaved by the Amarr, however the Caldari, are mentally and emotionally enslaved by themselves. The strict rules and 'walkthelineorelse' attitude of the Caldari hinders real creativity and expression. There is no individuality in Caldari culture. You are merely a piece of the great State Machine. And every Caldari accepts it. The Minmatar did not accept their captivity and now look at them. What if the Caldari did the same?

Well that ends my story for now. But perhaps Ill let you guys know how Im doing later on down the road. Until then. Fly Safe!

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