Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moving into Low-Sec

Since I have no real need to remain in the cuddly comfort of highsec I decided it was time to find me a home.  There was no money in a 0.9 system anyhow, and I need to get ISK for skills and ships. So I began my hunt.

The first system I visited, a 0.5 system on the edge of Gellente space, was lacking a Medical bay at its one station. That's two things that made me turn it down as home. So two jumps later I found myself back in highsec pouring through the 'verse map to find me a home. Within about ten minutes I located a 0.3 system a couple jumps from high-sec, four stations, and one of them even had a Med Bay! So off I went.

When I arrived I found it strikingly empty. Even though the stats I pulled up in the logs stated that three ships had been destroyed here in the last 24 hrs, and there had been 32 jumps into this system in the last hour alone. However it had everything I wanted, so I moved in. Selena had been so gracious to give me 5mil ISK to get me started on my way, and that went into getting two frigates. One was a Kestrel class, the other a Heron class. The Kestrel I picked up to serve as a set of guns until I could get something better. The Heron I decided to buy after an interesting incident within an hour of being in Vitrauze. My D-Scan stated that there was an Iteron MkV in system, even though local comms showed I was the only capsuleer present. SO my first thought was, Some one left their ship out in space! However I ran into a slight problem. My D-scan was not able to pinpoint an exact location on the ship, though I tracked it down to within 500km of one of the planets. So I decided I needed a probing ship so that when I do want to find someone elusive, I can do so effectively. Now I just need to spend the next day or so pouring over skillbooks to learn how to use these modules. Shortly thereafter I had my first run in with another capsuleer, or should I say three capsuleers. I had decided to pick a fight with the local Serpentis group in one of the local belts when I noticed the spike in local comms, one of which I had recognized as the pilot who had followed me through a couple systems not but ten minutes ago when  picked up the Heron (Now christened CPF AlienArt). So I lowered the radius of my D-scan to 500km so  could see them as they approached. However a Serpentis cruiser took my attention just long enough for me not to notice that a Thorax class cruiser was warping to my belt. Swiftly I aligned to a gate (the easiest thing for me to align to at the time, and warped off just as the opposing cruiser locked me. I safely landed on the gate, and through a brief error, jumped through the gate instead of holding on it. I turned back around and jumped back into system, to see the Thorax waiting on the other side for me. taking my advantage of speed I aligned out and warped past him. Then began the talk in the local comms.

Cyanide Jester > So Czar, whats your buddy flyin eh?
Cyanide Jester > Or are you two done playing?
CzarKiller > eh?
CzarKiller > never done playing
Cyanide Jester > Sounds like we've got ourselves a regular playdate then sweetcheeks.
Deltan Solette > uhhhh
CzarKiller > uh
Deltan Solette > lol
Helios Bayne > o.O
Cyanide Jester > Its not like I'm really that hard too kill, just a little slippery to catch.

There was a brief silence on comms (I assume while I was probed out from my hiding place in plain sight, I hadn't bookmarked any safe spots quite yet at this point). Then the Thorax showed its face again. I promptly warped off, not wanting to get in a battle with three capsuleer pilots with bigger and better ships then I had. They would be trying to take on a frigate unless they thought they could kill it. or they thought it would be a free kill. Either way I revisited comms.

Deltan Solette > this one may just be older than a day :)
Cyanide Jester > So lets see, Deltan is your prober?
Deltan Solette > catch ya next time o/
Cyanide Jester > o/
Cyanide Jester > Fly Dangerous
Deltan Solette > always

And with that the three of them jumped out of system. I still had my ship, and I had at least proven to these three that I was no inexperienced pilot. At this point I docked up to grab a drink at the bar, I didn't have anything to do at the time so the reprieve was nice. Unfortunately I hadn't brought my datapad with me, so I missed when one of them had returned to system and left this message.

Helios Bayne > whatcha doin docked up?
Helios Bayne > pirate but no pew pew?
Helios Bayne > maybe ill see you around in a few weeks when you have some SP's
Helios Bayne > o/

So not wanting to be rude (perhaps these guys would fly with me some day, wouldn't want to piss em off now, specially not when they can pod me swift fast and in a hurry) I sent him this message. 

From: Cyanide Jester
Sent: 2012.09.12 08:33
To: Helios Bayne,  

Helios Bayne,

I docked up so I could go have myself a cigarette. Im sure we will be seeing a bit of each other in the coming days and weeks.

Plus I wasn't about to take on three of you in a tech 1 fit frigate.


Cyanide Jester

Fly Dangerous

No reply from him yet, but it is about time for me to take a nap. Its been a busy day.


Received an odd little private convo right before I logged off so I entertained it.

GM Creator > Greetings and welcome to EVE. My name is GM Creator and I am calling on behalf of the GM Team. I'm just wondering how EVE has been treating you so far and would like to welcome you to the game.
Cyanide Jester > Well then
Cyanide Jester > This is new
GM Creator > Yes, It is :)
Cyanide Jester > I like it though
GM Creator > If you don't mind me asking....what all have you gotten into so far in Eve? (Mining, Missions, Marketing, Manufacture, Mayhem, etc)
Cyanide Jester > Kinda wish I had gotten this kind of treatment on my first character I wouldnt have quit for two months, lol
Cyanide Jester > Oh and for your question.
Cyanide Jester > Snce Im sure you dont have all day
Cyanide Jester > Ive gotten back a little into ratting, but the untlimatte goal is Pirate mayhem >:D
Cyanide Jester > Just gotta get my ships up to par is all
GM Creator > Do you need any help in / information about: mining, learning, insurance, agents, skills, cloning, subscription etc...?
Cyanide Jester > Nope. I still remember most of my way around here, but thank you for the offer
GM Creator > Well, thank you for your time, I let you play, and I'm sorry if I "disturbed" you.
GM Creator > If you need help / if you have any question(s), just send me an (ingame) eve-mail, I will answer you as soon as possible.
Cyanide Jester > Truely, Im glad you guys started doing this!
GM Creator > We are the GM Team, resistance is FUTILE, you WILL be Helped! :)
Cyanide Jester > So you guys will send a fleet out into nullsec to help me clear out some unwanted pest capsuleers?
(( This was a long shot but I was hopeing for the best!))
GM Creator > Sorry but our forces are in the jove region atm
GM Creator > We have some problem with them :)
Cyanide Jester > I want in the Jove Ive been waiting months to get a crack at their twisted little faces.
GM Creator > :))
GM Creator > Well, thank you for your time,
GM Creator > Have a nice day/night, Fly Safe o7
Cyanide Jester > FLy Safe?
Cyanide Jester > Do I really look like an Amarrian Merchant to you?
GM Creator > uhm
GM Creator > sorry for that
Cyanide Jester > Ill let it slide this time. Fly Dangerous My friend.
GM Creator > o7
Cyanide Jester > o7

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