Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Blog Title and what it means for the Blog

Due to the lack of actual Highsec piracy I have been taking part in (mainly because I found a nice corp to settle down with now), High-Sec Piracy has undergone a rebalance of sorts. This is no longer a EVE only blog. I have been looking around and located a couple other games (one of which I am going to shoot someone if it doesnt hurry up and get finished) it is now forcused more broadly on Sci-Fi games in general. EVE will still be a big priority guys dont worry. However Star Citizen has arisen in my HUD and I feel the need to express how much I am looking forewards to its release.

EVE News

Nothing much to report personally. Due to the fact I have been gone for 10 days I haven't really done anything but set a long skill for the time being. Ive gotten into T2 industrials finally and been putting my Mastodon and Prowler to good use. Soon I will get back into my refining skills so I can get the crystals for some of the other ores besides kernite. PVP wise I need to go find my hound and see how its running.

Star Citizen

For those of you who haven't heard of Star Citizen you may check out the official website here.

It is a Space Sim MMO like EVE is though it has a few differences from EVE that I really like that CCP wont let us have for logical reasons. The biggest of these being that you will be able to manually pilot your ship. So dog-fighting and actual pilot skill will play a bigger role in space battles then it does in EVE, where whoever has the best gear tends to win by default (Yes I know there are many exceptions don't go ape shit on me please).

Honestly though go check out the site, donate if you are interested. Its truly an amazing piece of wrk they are trying to accomplish. I donated and will have my 6-month insurance and a free ship when it all comes out finally.

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