Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My New Project -H4H-

Now this post will be used mainly as a reference post for my newest project, Healz4Hire [-H4H-].

So here's the basic idea and how I came up with it. We all know how hard to find Logi pilots are. Those that do exist get snatched up by the first corp to realize they are logi and hidden away like secret weapons. We all know its true. Don't deny it.

So what if all of these logi pilots could be located and contacted in a centralized location when we (those that don't personally hoard a logi pilot in our midst) may have need to call upon them for help? That is the purpose of -H4H-.

Why become affiliated with -H4H-?
-H4H- provides an opportuniy for Logi pilots to get their names out into the public eye if they are looking for a new home. Affiliated pilots will have access to contracts that I recieve on behalf of -H4H- for other people's logi needs.

How do you calculate contract amounts?
I have set up a spreadsheet that calculates all of that for me. Variables include: Requested Ship size, Location requested, and travel time to location.

What if the client requesting logi support decides to blow up my ship or if I lose my ship during the contract?
Contract payments are made upfront before the logi pilot is even sent out. Also the first variable in the contract calculator (Requested Ship Size) is approximately equal to the Jita price of the hull itself. This way the logi pilot can replace their ship if neccessary. Clients who do partake in destructive behavior towards a hired logi pilot will be Black Listed from receiving services through -H4H- until a repayment of triple the cost of the ship lost is made to -H4H-.

So, what's the catch? What do you get out of all of this?
Currently it is set up that any contract made through -H4H- is subject to a 10% fee to keep the corp on its feet. This pool of ISK is also kept so that in the case that the contract payment does not cover the loss of the ship -H4H- can assist in replacing the ship itself.

How do I become an -H4H- affiliated pilot?
Send a message in game to the toon Operative Sidney Reilly (Verify that is is the CEO of the corporation Healz 4 Hire [-H4H-] before contacting). Include in your mail 1) What logi ships you can fly 2) What specific types of logi capabilities you have and 3) What restrictions you may have for contracts you are willing to accept. You may also join the in-game chat channel Healz4Hire to see if I am online and wish to speak with me directly.

So there you have it, Healz 4 Hire in all its glory. If you have any further questions or would like more information to be posted on this post please let me know and I will update accordingly.

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