Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Few Drinks at the Bar

Remember my last post? About bombers? yea well I got back in touch with Bomber's bar. haven't flown with them in a while and they don't remember me, so Its back to ground floor. But who cares? I GET TO BOMB SHIT!!!

Well, not even an hour into chillin in bb chat someone found a POS bash.. and we were meant to wreck it. And holy crap wreck it we did.

Just to give you an idea. That pic above was the target POS bash. And with around 20ish bombers plus a couple falcons we had a field day with it.

Troy Chartrand (Naga) 128mill
Ki Rathos (Tornado) 123mill
SpikeyGeorge (Punisher) 2mill
Till Lindreman (Omen) 29mill
~Yro Rhodes (Harbinger) 136mill
~Orda X (Tornado) 106mill
Troy Chartrand (Capsule) 0.00
Ki Rathos (Capsule) 3mill
~SpikeyGeorge (Capsule) 0.00
Till Lindremann (Capsule)
~Yro Rhodes (Capsule)

Ammo.... That's it. yea Bombs are expensive. I personally only used one bomb and a handful of torps, so my losses were very minimal anyway.

Now I know I only made it on 4 of those KM's (Marked with a ~ at the beginning), but still I'm absolutely stoked about this. Bomber's Bar are a amazing group of guys. Most large groups of players are comprised of alliances or corporations or coalitions. Bomber's Bar however is a melting pot of any and everyone who flies pretty much anything cloaky. if it fits a cloak, you do (or should) know about Bomber's Bar.

Total Damage: 527mill ISK
Total Lost: Ammo Used  (Uncalculated)

Fly Dangerous!

~The Cyanide Pirate

P.S. Can someone give me a good way of linking kills that dont make it to BC? Cause this whole not being able to link kills is gonna beat me to death fast-like...

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