Monday, February 11, 2013


SO I found out Goons and TEST reset each other recently... I found out by getting alpha'd by a nado undocking from my mission hub in Delve. So thats the 6th hound in the last week... I really need to stop losing hounds. Granted its not like half a year ago when I went through Cruors like they were rice krispy snacks, but still. Ive been losing way too many ships. THEN I read the article on themittani about it. So yea... missions might have to wait a bit. So faction warfare it is!

You know only doing FW on the weekends makes me chuckle. Its like I'm joining the reserves in the military. WEEKEND WARRIOR!!! I think Ima have my title made that just to prove the point. Anyway, I just want yall to know ive ben going back andforeth with a fiction post for a few weeks, never really getting anywhere, but if I do ever get it done, Ill be sure to post it for you. I miss writing stories... Need to get the drive back for it.

Fly Dangerous~

The Cyanide Pirate

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