Thursday, February 14, 2013

CSM: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

So with CSM season poking its head around and waving around the advertisements and ads and such that will soon to be shoved down our throats I realized something. My feelings about CSM.

The Good. The idead is amazing. Haveing a group body of players who work back and forth with CCP to get our wants and needs in this galactic world brought to reality is epic as shit.

The Bad. No one knows about it. Honestly. You all reading this might stop and raise your eyebrow at me but I'm serious. I didnt know about CSM until I started blogging. A lot of people I've talked to in game also have no clue what who or why a CSM is.

The Ugly. I took a little bit of time to see if I could find out who is even running this year. My results? Not a lot... Im going to be tracking down who each of the candidates areand see what they are posing as their ideals and why they should be in CSM and such the next few days. SO Ill try and get a post for each of them if I can.

Fly Dangerous

~The Cyanide Pirate

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