Monday, February 11, 2013

Well... Popularity for doing nothing!

So.. High-Sec Piracy hit 1000 views this weekend... Im actually very surprised. I didnt expect to really get any real viewers for this, lol. Considewring how its really just a collection of oddthoughts and happenings while I wander my way through the game of EVE trying to find a place I fit in properly. Ive gotten a couple visits to the in-game chat channel. SO thank you guys for stopping by and saying hello!

Honestly though yesterday I hit a rut.. One of those times where The mundane lifesty;le I life in EVE doesn't really appeal to me as much anymore. Yea I get to go bomb the things on the weekends with BB, but my week days are actually pretty boring... So Ive made a couple decisions. Both of my main toons are going tobe switching corps. Duke Ferret will be following some friends of mine into a established Indy corp. Wish me luck with that. Selena shall be joining an RL friend of mine in his newly founded corp. The main thing with this is they do Faction Warfare occassionally so I can check that out and see how it works.

Thank all of your for actually reading my ramblings and a week from tomorrow expect my 1yr EVE birthday message as well ;3

Fly Dangerous~

The Cyanide Pirate

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