Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Contrary to what I had said yesterday, I was able to get on EVE last night to experience the new expansion for myself. I dont do a whole lot in EVE, so only a couple things stuck out at me

1: Jump Animations. I got a nerd boner every time I changed systems... It was glorious.
2: Undock Button. Its going to take some time to get used to it being on the complete opposite side of the screen.
3: System Scan. The animations for the scan are nice. I like them. Though is there a way to turn off the sites that show up from the scan? Like Im sitting there running the comet in Deltole yesterday and theres this big red diamond in space that keep drawing my attention away from repping my fleet mates. It was annoying. I don't care that there is a site over there wioth a 0% signal strength, Im not exploring right now leave me alone!
4: New things. The biggest new things are the Security tags, and the Navy BC's both of which are EXPENSIVE. I was going to get my sec standing up to be able to sit in a 0.5, but that would cost me around 200m in tags + the measly 13m fee. Im not paying 200+m isk just to get myself into Deltole... I'll wait till they drop in price. Also Navy BC... Im not spending 500m on a Cane hull just so I can have it now.. no matter how badly I want one....

Anyway, thats my initial take on the new expansion. Its a 'Meh' expansion I suppose. Most of my hype was just the excitment over new things. Once I actually had them it was like "Oh.. Ok cool. Now I dont have anything to hype over for a while..."

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