Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My SciFi: Episode 3

My Sci Fi is a weekly post in which I ramble on about pretty much anything SciFi related.

This Week: EVE Odyssey Launch, Star Trek and Us, and Some Cool Space Stuff

EVE Odyssey Launch

As I type this I notice my twitter feed explode with the release of the new expansion for EVE Online. Im extremely glad it is out, however, I wont be able to enjoy it for a while due to some RL/work issues. So Ill content myself with reading about it and hearing about it from my friends. I WANT TO JUMP EFFECT!!! D:<

Star Trek and Us

With the recent release of the newest edition to the Star Trek film industry, "Into Darkness" we are all reminded that Star Trek does indeed still exist and it does indeed, still have a following. For a long time the SciFi community has been divided into Trekies and, what do they call Star Wars fans anyway? Anyhow, Star Trek and Star Wars have been butting heads for decades. Me, personally, I'm a Trek fan. I don't have anything against Star Wars, its a great story, I just prefer Star Trek. However, that's not the point of this blurb. maybe I'll do a Trek vs Wars post next week, who knows.

Anyhow I was recently looking over some articles specifically for the third section of this post and I ran into a few Star trek related articles. Star Trek has existed since late 1964 when the first pilot for the show was filmed. This was rejected and it wasn't until a year later when the Second and final Pilot was filmed, starring our beloved William Shatner. The rest is history, however if your interested the picture to the left gives a pretty in-depth history of the show.

What really interested me was an article about Star Trek technology and how it works (or is supposed to work). Ive always kinda wondered why the Enterprise was shaped the way it is, and looking deeper into it in this article it makes sense. The entire back end of the ship (minus the flying saucer in the front) is ALL for the warp core and warp drive. Which makes sense. Something powerful enough to project a ship light years into space in as little time as it takes would take up a lot of room. generating the power for it and keeping the power going for it.

The article goes on about transporters, and Wormholes and deflector shields if you wanna take a look.


Some Cool Space Stuff

NASA recently put out an image of two galaxies physically colliding in space a few days ago. A spiral galaxy (like our own) is in process of colliding into a lenticular galaxy. The image is actually pretty neat looking. It almost pops out 3-Dish in the image.

Also, I wanted to point out how people argue and research some of the dumbest things for years on years and years. For example, apparently it matters what Neil Armstrong's exact words were when he stepped foot on the moon. Honestly, I don't think it warrants this much man power to figure that out... It's not that important.

Recently a panel of four cosmologists debated the existence of a Multiverse. In layman's terms there is a possibility that during the formation of the universe, different factors added together could very well mean that we are not living in the only universe that exists. Now the debate itself didn't really come to a conclusion as to whether or not its 100% accurate, but science takes time, and I doubt we have the resources to research it properly anyway.

Also Apparently the smallest possible star is 8.7% the size of our own Sun.

Fly Dangerous
Ceddy Cyanide

Next week I will be touching on Aliens and Intelligent life, among other topics. If you have any cool SciFi news, or some space related stuff for me, you can comment here, send me an email at ceddycyanide@gmail.com, or send me a tweet @SciFiCyanide

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