Thursday, May 23, 2013


So for the 6th day in a row... my laptop has been sitting dead on the shelf. I'm still not exactly sure why its broken, but Im too lazy to leave my room and go get it fixed. Which is annoying a $2600 paperweight... I think its just the power brick (I hope) not charging the machine, but Ill find out I suppose. I NEED to get on EVE. Ive been using a friends computer to update skills and such but this is not enough to satiate the thirst for space!

Oh and since I havent done it yet. Congratz to Ripard over at Jester's Trek for making Vice Chair on CSM8! I cant wait to see what come out of this CSM honestly.

ANyhow... Im going to Orlando this weekend so Ill try and tweet things about how awesome it is. If you dont have my twitter its @SciFiCyanide talk to me once in a while or something. My twitter is boring, lol. Not enough ppl to talk to and not many relevant things to say... Idk Im socially awkward what can I say?

Fly Dangerous
Ceddy Cyanide

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