Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Its that time again... This Week:

Mostly EVE. Plans for the future on my toons and such.

I am the happy owner of three accounts. Each account has its main toon, while each account also has a secondary that doesnt require much training.

Selena. This is my main toon and the first one I created that really kicked off. Its technically my second toon (the first still being on the account and all). Anyhow Ive been debating what I want to do with her for ages. Shes kind of jack of all trades type of person right now. From boming to hauling I can fly almost anything (Tech1) short of a Battleship. The only T2 ships I can fly are minmatar indy ships, and my Hound. I've thought about getting her into a booster/exploration Loki, just to give me something to do once in a while. Freighter hauling for money is boring as crap and I can't stand it. I tried. SO nothing there. Though I might get her into a Nomad.... That would be helpful in the long scheme of things (assuming I can even get my hands on a Nomad...) (I also happen to have a cyno pilot alt 8d away from covert cynos)

Duke. Duke I am on more often then Selena lately. Mainly because hes my miner and I can play while not actually accomplish anything and keep in touch with the guys in game. Currently he lives in a little pocket of highsec behind a lowsec wall. Filled up a station container of Ice in expectation of the price jump next month. Soon however I will be moving him into deep highsec for some mining operations to be used to build some much much bigger ships and such later on down the road.

Sidney. He is a project. My logi toon. One day to be capable of flying every logi ship from Frigate to Supercarriers for all factions. I believe first I am going to rain him through the Amarr logi. Hes a hop skip away from sitting in a Gaurdian, but I dont want to get him there until I get him trained into a T2 fit for the Aug. Once I have him into Gaurdian Ill train up for the Archon and Aeon. Then on to the Caldari tree. Right now He can sit in all frigs, T1 cruisers for Amarr and Caldari.

My Corporations. Yes I am a member of multiple corps atm. My very first toon is a holding CEO for a NPC themed pirate corporation in 0.0 I want to get going one day. Selena is in a MTG themed corp owned by an RL friend of mine. Duke is in an Indy corp with a bunch of really great guys. Sidney is in his own corp called Healz4Hire. I've mention it in a blog post a few months back. Logi for sale. No political influences. I dont care who you are, if your giving me isk, I'll give you healz. Fairly simple. Anyone interested in hiring an Aug for their next fleet up let me know!

Fly Dangerous
Ceddy Cyanide

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